Turning Compensation Management into a Performance Motivator

Compensating your sales force fairly and on time is key to any sales organization’s success. However, many companies do not have the right resources to manage end-to-end sales compensation processes.

If not properly addressed, these challenges can lead to late or inaccurate payments, shadow accounting, errors and disputes, demotivated sales force, increased turnover and cost of sales. Learn how Optymyze’s partners became better equipped at solving these very problems below:


The Story: Amid rising premium costs and a dynamically changing marketplace, a client needed a commission management solution that could quickly adapt to changes, provide timely and accurate communications, and strengthen the relationship with its distribution network of 2,500 producers.

Optymyze designed and automated a sales commission management process for our partner. The new process aligned commissions with sales efforts and designed a comprehensive set of reports for managers to use to further direct selling efforts resulting in $5 million saved in the first six months of roll-out in more-tailored commission payouts.


The Story: Vague plan documents and manual processes were sowing discord among the salespeople at one of our partners and demoting their high achieving reps.

Optymyze helped introduce a mindset shift within the sales organization by redesigning the compensation plan at large and giving the entire sales field access to live performance data. By clarifying the compensation plan the field had a greater understanding of corporate vision and how their actions would be rewarded yielding a happier and more active salesforce. The automated sales reporting reduced payment calculation and disbursement time by 85%!


The Story: Sometimes everything seems fine until you go back and check your work. A multinational conglomerate realized, after bringing in over 1,000 new employees in a merger, that they were struggling to keep up with payment deadlines across their global salesforce.

Optymyze not only helped them reduce manual validations and increase accuracy, but introduced a Compensation Dispute Management application to correct previous periods errors and any data inaccuracies going forward. The app was rolled out in one month without a single line of code written. In the year it was rolled out, the application handled over 300,000 dispute requests that would have previously been handled by a sales manager individually and the company saw post-hoc payment adjustments reduced by a factor of 10!

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