Solving Data Usage and Data Complexity issues with Optymyze

Over our years of working across industries to address data issues swiftly and comprehensively with no-code solutions, we’ve identified four sectors with particularly demanding data management needs. Check out our exclusive new series of short videos to discover how Optymyze helps clients in these highly competitive industries manage their data regardless of its scale and complexity.

Insurance, Banking and Financial Services

Our typical insurance/ banking/ finserv clients use Optymyze to manage over 3 TB of sales data – the equivalent of more than 850,000 song downloads.


Pharma and Medical

Our typical pharma and medical clients use Optymyze to process over 150 TB per month – with 9 billion prescriptions added every month.


Manufacturing and Logistics

Our manufacturing and logistics clients have consistently scaled up with Optymyze – adding new users and new business units.



Our typical telecom clients use Optymyze to support more than 100,000 users – enough to fill more than 33 cruise ships.


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