Fortune 50 company leverages the power of no code to revitalize sales

$1.47 trillion

worth of transactions processed in 2017

90% fewer disputes

due to automation and a single source of truth

10% increase in sales

quarter over quarter since 2015


Even the world’s best-known companies do not necessarily have their data figured out.

A Fortune 50 conglomerate was struggling to process data from dozens of incompatible legacy systems scattered across the globe. From faxed transactions in Central Africa to channel partner sales from mobile phones in Western Europe, the company was producing enormous amounts of data, but consolidating and harmonizing it was a logistical nightmare.

With data from individual reporting systems coming to admins in a variety of formats and a variety of syntaxes, the company was constantly dealing with conflicting and incompatible information. As a result, it was a real challenge to make payroll on time or produce timely, accurate, data-driven insights.

The company attempted to validate and harmonize its data through an ad-hoc system developed in-house, but that wasn’t enough to solve the data integrity issues, leading to continued woes in budgeting, quota setting, territory alignment, and payment approval.


The company decided to tackle these pressing issues with the Optymyze unified, no-code platform. They managed to disentangle the mountains of data without writing any code or using any third-party tools and to:

• implement automated, input-level transaction validations;

• harmonize and aggregate transaction-level data;

• normalize their data repositories;

• build automated reporting views.

Ultimately, they consolidated their data into six daily, weekly, and monthly streams, along with several manual administrator actions – from dispute resolution to payroll approval. The thousands of participants now have simple and easy access to clean and organized data through robust, personalized reports.

The company attempted to validate and harmonize its data through an ad-hoc system developed in-house, but that wasn’t enough.


In 2017 alone, the company added 1,000 new payees and processed $1.47 trillion worth of transactions across five business units.

They also implemented a new dispute-handling workflow using no-code application development. The sales ops team had been manually handling 300,000 transaction-level disputes, but with the automated dispute processing in combination with the single source of truth, the figure has dropped by 90%.

Today, the company runs 14 daily automated loads, including validations, which take an average of just over two minutes – a major improvement from the old days of using guesswork while picking through multiple data repositories.

The data-driven insights have enabled more accuracy, comprehensiveness, and impact in the areas of sales coaching, plan changes, and process updates.

The company also built a tailored reporting application that provides salespeople with personalized views that help them sell the right products in the right regions.

Since partnering with Optymyze, the business units that are using the Optymyze platform have seen a 10% increase in quarterly sales performance.

The company continues to leverage the Optymyze platform, capitalizing on the power of no code to build a successful sales organization.