Fueling business growth with the Optymyze Center of Excellence for No-Code DataOps

The Realization

A multinational healthcare company was successfully using Optymyze to manage sales compensation for their global salesforce. To ensure error-free, timely compensation payments at scale, they needed to load, clean, validate, and process large volumes of transactional data daily coming in for various geographies, customers, products, and order entry system. Business was dynamic and in need of frequent data and business logic changes.

Being able to successfully execute on all these needs with Optymyze, they soon realized their solution was more than a compensation system – it was a no-code data warehouse that held their most accurate and timely transactional data about sales, orders, customers, salesforce, and sales org structure.

The Opportunity

Enlisting the help of the Optymyze Center of Excellence (COE) for no-code DataOps uncovered an opportunity to define a more profitable business, cost, and resource deployment model, and to quickly build reporting and applications for this.

A key stakeholder in this process was their Business Technology SVP who saw great potential in using the Optymyze COE for no-code DataOps to further develop analytics and business applications on top of their available data. Moreover, they decided to bring in and process additional data about suppliers and distributors for revenue and cost streams analysis.

The Value

Employing the Optymyze COE for no-code DataOps has had a resounding success across the organization. The customer is experiencing increasing DataOps efficiency, decreasing IT costs, and better decision making due to the timely insights gained from the no-code applications built on top of their Optymyze data warehouse.