How to Conquer Sales Territories and Boost Sales Performance with a Data-Infused Solution


When done well, territory management can make the difference between sales success and sales loss. Between earning or losing millions of dollars annually.

With so much at stake, territory assignment stands out as one of the most important activities on any sales manager’s plate. Sizing and structuring territories that balance workload and resources make for a motivated, high-performing sales team, increased sales, and more revenue. But without that balance, productivity decreases, costs rise, and sales drop.

When sales managers fail to allocate sufficient resources to high-potential territories, reps end up with more accounts than they can handle. This leads to two major problems. The overload leaves reps with no time to pursue new opportunities. And if they do find the time, they often choose to go after those prospects who are easiest to contact instead of those who are most qualified. As a result, the whole company loses business. Conversely, when too many resources are allocated to territories lacking in opportunities, salespeople compete against each other. This leads to frustration and declining sales. If left unchecked, imbalanced territories result in high turnover and, ultimately, customer churn.

Imbalanced or poorly performing territories don’t often announce themselves. They may in fact seem asymptomatic at first – not because all’s well, but because lack of visibility and scarce data obscure the red flags. By the time problems rise to the surface, diagnosis takes place, and actionable insights are gained, the company will already have lost money. Broad visibility into territory performance, however, prevents scenarios like these from occurring.

Watch our video to discover how a data-driven territory management solution can help you overcome the above challenges and achieve the following results:
– Size and structure territories that target the right customers in the right locations.
– Gain immediate visibility into performance and foresight into results.
– Respond quickly to internal and external changes.
– Improve sales engagement and morale with equitable territories.
– Eliminate process inconsistencies, errors and disputes.

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