Take Territory Management to a New Level

While a world map may not change from quarter to quarter, your territories may need to. Sellers face extreme pressure to meet their goals, and stagnant, outdated methods of managing territory assignments only adds to that pressure.

Optymyze is proud to have empowered our partners to differentiate themselves from the competition and to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Find out how Optymyze can help you.


The Story: A long-time partner of Optymyze struggled with unbalanced sales territories. Some of their three regions required more work to yield the same sales value as others. Some districts within regions spanned multiple regions and unclear boundaries lead to infighting and ignored leads.

Optymyze worked with their partner to do an initial territory realignment splitting the three imbalanced regions into four even regions with more clearly defined borders and no split districts. Optymyze helped implement the new territory alignments slowly to avoid disruption and disquiet among the sales force. As a result, morale was kept high and more equitable assignments of labor lead to a reduction in the standard deviation of workload by 28% and a 62% increase in workload coverage.


The Story: A client employed an extremely complicated territory hierarchy that featured categories with other nested sub-categories. Their legacy system provided a lot of raw data but required a lot of manual manipulation before any insights could be gathered.

Optymyze implemented a Map Visualization tool which provided insights about time-to-value at territory, category, sub-category, and individual account level, instead of a stream of raw data. Daily updates meant that the data provided was always valuable and the intuitive UI allowed everyone to “speak the same language.”


The Story: Our client managed their territories based on ZIP code meaning any time a doctor moved, manual work was required. Due to the manual nature of the process, it took our client over a full quarter to update a quarter’s worth of territory changes causing payment disputes and territory misalignments.

An automated territory adjustment workflow was introduced to speed up the process and reduce manual work. Reps in the field could submit a single standardized data form which would automatically escalate to the relevant managers for approval. All update requests were centralized, standardized, and streamlined.

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