Quota Management Problems, Solved

Accurate, flexible quotas are the foundation of any successful sales organization — driving salesperson behavior, serving as a measuring stick for performance, and ensuring fairness in compensation. Optymyze has helped some of the world’s top companies cure what ails their quota processes:

Inaccurate Quotas

The Story: Optymyze modernized a national snack-food conglomerate’s quota-setting methodology and management system to increase equity and improve employee satisfaction. With a centralized location for admins to coordinate quotas and for salespeople to check on their performance, the entire process became more consistent and transparent.


  • Consistent, well-understood quotas
  • $16 million in annual savings
  • 12x increase in sales force participation

Poor Quota Communication

The Story: When workforce changes were wreaking havoc on a major telecom company’s quota management, Optymyze stepped in to help them react by creating more standardized processes. Their new portal handles exceptions and changes while delivering timely, data-driven insights to the sales team.


  • Centralized platform ensures delivery
  • Salespeople receive quotas promptly
  • Reporting offers actionable insights

Lack of Agility

The Story: A publicly traded telecom company was struggling to communicate new quotas to the sales field and maintain records of acknowledgement for compliance. Optymyze built an automatic quota communication system that integrated with their existing quota management system. Now, quota acknowledgement is tracked in a single platform.


  • Normalized average quota attainment, from 150% to 95%
  • More accurate sales reporting
  • Easy, rapid quota adjustments

Process Inefficiency

The Story: Optymyze built a centralized platform for a national pharmaceutical manufacturer to set quotas collaboratively at all levels – from organization-wide to the individual sales rep – putting an end to the inefficient and disorganized legacy process of holding large meetings to set quotas.


  • Saved 3.2 FTEs per quarter
  • 43% faster quota delivery
  • More targeted sales coaching

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