Industry’s Fastest Data Processing Delivers Extraordinary Results for Leading Telecom


One of America’s largest cable providers was going through a period of remarkable growth – not only expanding its core business, but also making some high-profile acquisitions that cemented its status as a giant in its industry.

However, with this great increase in size came a torrent of disparate and complicated data, necessitating nearly constant data processing. It was taking fully 18 hours every day to process the extraordinarily high volume of data their sales operations were generating – resulting in payout delays and making it more difficult to integrate the new acquisitions.

One of the company’s business units had been an Optymyze client for years prior to this highgrowth era, building a long-term relationship rooted in collaboration and mutual trust. This period of expansion provided an opportunity for the two partners to grow together, adding further business units and data volume.


When you’re dealing with heaps of unprocessed data, the first step is to implement best practices for streamlining and managing all of it – which is exactly what we did, utilizing the robust data management solution native to Optymyze. We replaced the telecom’s legacy systems with our own and incorporated all 20 of their data sources into a single source of truth for sales operations – improving audit compliance and corporate knowledge.

Then we automated all 18 of those hours of daily data processing, streamlining the integration of tens of terabytes of unclean data drawn from Salesforce, Excel sheets, CSVs, etc. This meant transforming complex and varied files, some of which contained up to 100 fields, into digestible, easy-to-access information that could be put to immediate use generating sales operations insights.

The partnership may have had relatively modest beginnings, but Optymyze now handles a dozen of the telecom’s business units, and the data volume we process for them has quadrupled while increasing by an order of magnitude in complexity. And to ensure the permanence of all these improvements, we implemented a Center of Excellence to propagate software tools and best practices across business units.


Thanks to us handling these huge amounts of data with no performance slowdown, the telecom company was able to move smoothly through an unprecedented period of growth, solidifying its position as a leader in the cable market.

That growth was boosted by our client’s salespeople gaining easy, real-time access to more than 300 million front-facing records about customers and prospects – helping them maximize their individual performance. Meanwhile, the new single source of truth for sales data granted management the power and insight to execute accurate sales planning, build better metrics, and tweak high-level strategy.

The newly organized data also enabled the company to begin paying its salespeople through a more granular, transaction-level process rather than at the opportunity level – more directly incentivizing desirable selling behaviors.

Automating business processes is a matter of course in our engagements, but that change can have an outsized effect on large corporations like this one; the manpower savings alone can really add up. Optymyze helped the telecommunication giant automate dozens of processes, which cut down the need for manual intervention and significantly reduced the occurrence of errors.

Finally, all those improvements in visibility, transparency, timeliness, and accuracy have had a noteworthy effect on the sales force as a whole, improving satisfaction among reps and helping our client continue attracting top sales talent.

With so many successes already, the partnership between our two companies is set to continue developing right alongside the telecom giant’s business – which isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Integrating new acquisitions, expanding into new markets, and selling strategically have all become matters of course, and our client’s national profile continues to grow without pause.

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