Optymyze Solves Process Struggles, Provides Major Conglomerate Ability to Rapidly Scale


When a multibillion-dollar merger brought 1,000 new employees to a leading international manufacturing conglomerate, the company ended up with over $60 billion in transactions to process per year. The enormity of this task put a strain on sales administrators and salespeople, who were already frustrated by long, drawn-out or nonexistent processes. Most important, salespeople lacked visibility into their own performance, making it impossible for them to identify discrepancies in pay. Even if or when they were sure an error had occurred, they lacked a consolidated system for requesting action.


Soon enough, other issues emerged. Due to the volume of transactions and payouts processed, the company found itself rushing to meet payroll deadlines. This constant state of racing against the clock put even more stress on sales operations administrators, who had less time for more tasks. Rushed conditions led to miscalculations in pay, which in turn led to post hoc pay recoveries and incremental payouts. Not surprisingly, the frustration of getting paid late and incorrectly took a toll on salespeople’s engagement. As reps invested more and more time building shadow accounting systems to manually track their performance, their focus shifted away from selling.

Meanwhile, payroll administrators struggled to maintain complete and accurate records of payouts and corrections.


The company had collaborated with Optymyze for years to improve and automate other sales performance management processes. During this time, a relationship based on deep trust and open communication had been established. Now the company turned again to its partner for a solution. Together, they implemented the Optymyze Dispute Management app. It integrates seamlessly with the company’s existing sales compensation solution. It’s also designed to handle future growth and the incorporation of new business units.

And Dispute Management is easy to use. Convenient, individual dashboards enable field reps to submit transactions and performance disputes directly to the appropriate administrators. Reps can then track each dispute from start to finish as it progresses towards resolution. Administrators benefit, too: using the Optymyze platform to correct the amount due to each salesperson means they can quickly respond to queries. At every step, information is logged about who took action (and when), so accurate record-keeping a cinch.


The Optymyze Dispute Management app handled over 300,000 individual requests in 2017 alone. Since its implementation, users have gained visibility into their performance. Moreover, administrators rely on a fully streamlined process to ensure salespeople are paid accurately.

As a result, all activities related to paying salespeople have become less stressful and more accurate.

The increased transparency provided by the Optymyze platform, along with end-to-end audit tracking, has increased salespeople’s trust in their company. Reps have more time to sell and administrators can quickly handle overpayments and underpayments if necessary. Payout adjustments decreased by a factor of 10 between 2016 and 2017.

The company’s implementation of the Optymyze Dispute Management app allowed it to scale its sales operations processes as the business grew. The smoother payout process resulted in a newly energized sales force that no longer had to struggle with miscalculations and missed payout deadlines.

  • The Optymyze Dispute Management app integrated seamlessly with the company’s existing sales compensation solution
  • The app ended up handling over 300,000 individual requests in 2017 alone
  • Payout adjustments decreased by a factor of 10 between 2016 and 2017