Insurer Reclaims Ability to Manage
Broker Commissions with Optymyze


A rapidly changing regulatory landscape was driving a leading insurer to revisit the way it was compensating members of a 15,000 broker channel concentrated on individual and small group policies. The inflexible legacy system they labored under made it extremely difficult to make even routine changes to commissions and more strategic adjustments were considered non-starters. The growing importance of the division’s revenues meant it was imperative that the company find a solution that business users could run without sacrificing power and the ability to handle complexity.


The company had an immediate need to rectify the situations that their legacy system could not handle:

  • The legacy software, though marketed as simple to maintain, made it very difficult for business users to access or adjust processes, slowing responses to business changes and at times delaying payments.
  • There was no automated way to make changes to commission payments based on underwriting so they were unable to drive correct selling behaviors.
  • There was no method to ensure that producers had acquired or maintained requisite licenses or appointments risking regulatory non-compliance and potential fines.
  • Commission information updates were painfully slow due to a combination of all of the manual processes necessitated by the existing system’s shortcomings and sluggish performance of the software.


Making complex commission structures manageable has been one of Optymyze’s forte since its founding and, with the experience gained from its decades of innovation in process automation design and expertise in sales operations the client saw all of its issues resolved:

  • Optymyze analyzed the commission rate structure and designed a highly flexible, parameterized system that makes it easy for business users to make changes to commission rates.
  • Underwriting ratings are linked directly into the logic of the commission structure so that policy quality can immediately increase or decrease variable compensation.
  • Leveraging third-party L&A data, Optymyze ensures that payments are withheld from non-compliant agents and notifies them, putting the onus on the agents to resolve their status.
  • Combining automation of key processes, a powerful calculation engine, and flexible configurations that enable changes to be made rapidly by business users, the turnaround of updated information to this important and growing channel now happens overnight.



  • Lack of Information
  • Non-Compliance Controls
  • Errors and Inconsistency
  • Inability to Adapt


  • Incentive Compensation Management
  • Sales Reporting
  • Sales Data Management
  • On-boarding
  • Change Management



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