Expertise in Comp Plan Effectiveness

Effective sales start with effective compensation – but for many companies, it’s a challenge to design and implement comp plans that support and encourage the most productive sales behaviors. Optymyze helps the world’s leading companies compensate their em loyees more strategically and efficiently.


An international pharmaceutical manufacturer was chronically exceeding its compensation budget for its sales force – with quarterly overpayments known to exceed $100,000 in total. Worse, the gap between high and low performers was too narrow, disincentivizing top-level sales performance.

Optymyze nearly entirely eliminated overpayments by modifying the payout schedule and implementing a payout cap to make compensation reflect performance more accurately. From managers to field reps, the new compensation plan more appropriately rewarded top sellers while incentivizing bottom performers to improve – all while staying neatly within the projected budget.


A global snack food manufacturer and distributor was struggling to incentivize its non-traditional sales roles to perform in alignment with company-wide goals, so it sought a strategic shift in compensation to build a more growth-minded corporate culture.

Nurturing a cultural shift at an organization of this magnitude isn’t simple, and that’s where Optymyze comes in. We fully redesigned the company’s compensation plan, reorienting the sales force’s priorities to encourage organic growth. Most vitally, Optymyze identified a primary roadblock to that growth: a lack of quotas. Accordingly, the new plan features a robust quota system that keeps salespeople on track and rewards year-over-year growth.


A business unit of the world’s largest food product company needed help executing an aggressive strategy to improve its marketing and sales effectiveness while providing greater transparency to its sales force.

Optymyze identified that a lack of accessible, comprehensible, and actionable information was limiting the company’s growth potential. In response, we developed clear dashboards with comprehensive and automatically generated reporting – providing management with an instant view into what’s working and what isn’t. We also rolled out advanced what-if calculators that allow salespeople to project and visualize changes in their compensation with no need for the extra step of processing a mock payroll.


A worldwide marketing giant was dealing with a short-sighted compensation management process – resulting in issues with overpaying low performers and underpaying higher performers.

To gain a better, more predictive view into the future, the company tasked Optymyze with creating a plan that would compensate its sales force more effectively by rewarding the most productive sales activities. Within three months, Optymyze planned, modeled, and implemented a highly effective, forward-looking compensation plan – aligning the sales force with corporate objectives and guiding principles, even while adjusting to account for a merger that took place midway through the process.

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