Data and Analytics Capabilities ‘Wow’ Fortune 50 Manufacturing Company


A Fortune 50 multi-sector manufacturer and service provider needed a more robust system capable of analyzing the performance of channel partners. Their desktop database and spreadsheet-based processes were unable to handle the volume of data they needed to process. This resulted in a failure to provide the detail their analysts needed, meaning their data was only able to reach a small fraction of the people who could benefit from it.


After decades of falling short in understanding the performance of their channel partners, the company knew it was necessary to improve the quality, timeliness, and accessibility of this information to rectify major problems:

  • Disparate global data sources – from a paper report faxed from Guizhou, China, to a smartphone update on a proprietary third-party deal management app in Ontario, Canada – demanded manual processing, which took more than a month per quarter.
  • Analysts were not able to identify disagreements in performance data or evaluate the effectiveness of individual partners.
  • When information was finally compiled, access was limited to siloed internal systems running Windows. Information could not be accessed through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Leveraging a deep knowledge of industry best practices and incisive views into the company’s most pressing needs, Optymyze was able to design a channel analytics solution that addressed the client’s requirements and more and then some, including:

  • Automating the acquisition, validation, and integration of data from dozens of scattered solutions while increasing the level of detail.
  • Providing business analytics tools with important geographic and analytical features, including advanced mapping technology that enables users to analyze data in practically any way they can imagine.
  • Ongoing improvement through analytical process outsourcing services to ensure the client’s investment continually increases in value.


Following a brief, 90-day configuration, business analysts, managers, and executives now enjoy benefits beyond their expectations:

  • Quicker time to value means analysts now have more opportunities to coach the sales field. When the analysts had to wait two quarters to receive sales performance information, the field would waste half a year repeating the same mistakes.
  • The field has become more receptive to coaching because seeing their KPIs improve in nearly real time allows sales reps to witness the windfalls of management’s direction.
  • Increased data transparency means analysts now spend less time shadow accounting and more time working on strategic, value-added tasks.
  • The company has come to see its bond with Optymyze as closer than a mere client-vendor relationship. A senior manager went so far as to say: “I want to reinforce that [the company] really considers Optymyze more than a partner. You guys are members of the team!”


With a new set of insightful information on channel partner performance arriving weekly instead of quarterly, managers and executives can work proactively to ensure that channel partners are doing their part to aid in the organization’s success.



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