Data and Analytics Capabilities ‘Wow’ Fortune 50 Manufacturing Company


A Fortune 50 multi-sector manufacturer and service provider needed a better way to analyze the performance of channel partners. The desktop database and spreadsheet-based methods created to integrate information across company, country, and sales force boundaries were slow and did not allow users to drill deeply for specific answers, and this limited data only reached a small fraction of the people who could benefit from it.


After decades of not being able to fully understand the performance of their channel partners, the company knew it needed to improve the quality, timeliness, and accessibility of channel partner information to rectify major problems:

  • several dozen separate data sources on channel partner activity had to be combined manually each quarter, a process that took more than a month
  • analysts could not see inequities in performance or evaluate the effectiveness of individual partners
  • when information was finally compiled, access was limited to certain internal systems running Windows
  • information could not be accessed through mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets


Leveraging deep knowledge of analytical processes to craft a vision of what was possible, Optymyze designed a channel analytics solution that addressed the customer’s requirements— and more:

  • Optymyze automated the acquisition, validation, and integration of data from dozens of scattered solutions while increasing the level of detail.
  • Optymyze provided business analytics tools with important geographic and analytical features, including advanced mapping technology that enables users to easily analyze data in practically any way they can imagine.
  • Optymyze provides continuous improvement through its analytical process outsourcing services to ensure an everincreasing value of the client’s investment.


After a brief 90-day configuration, business analysts, managers, and executives now enjoy benefits beyond their expectations:

  • Whether starting from a map, chart, table of raw data, or dashboard report, any user can access information with a few clicks to help make informed decisions.
  • Users at every level—from executives to local channel managers—can drive business strategy through timely access to information.


With a new set of insightful information on channel partner performance arriving weekly instead of quarterly, managers and executives can work proactively to ensure that channel partners are doing their part to aid in the organization’s success.