Cellular Provider Manages Constant Change by Partnering with Optymyze


A US-based regional cellular service provider emphasizing rural markets had twice attempted to implement an incentive compensation management system from a well-known leader in sales performance management, but failed to go live on either attempt. Dissatisfied with the vendor’s inability to deliver twice over a four-year period, the company decided to scrap their multi-million dollar investment and start over.


To keep pace with the fierce competition and blistering pace of change in the market for cellular service and devices, the company needed to be agile and flexible. Management worked to respond quickly, and each new change impacted how salespeople in the various channels were incentivized and paid. The introduction of shared data plans, as just one example, fundamentally changed the way service was sold.

Sales operations managers were so focused on a business in a constant state of change, they were not addressing costly problems:

  • Overpaying sales reps
  • Lack of accurate sales data to determine how much they were overpaying
  • Lack of detailed information in reps’ monthly compensation reports
  • No internal resources to find and fix the problem

The company’s sales operations staff had to manage a mostly manual process that was cumbersome to begin with and had grown increasingly challenging as new sales channels were added. Because the system was not designed to enforce business rules automatically, exceptions were frequent and dealt with inconsistently


The company realized that software—any software, no matter how flexible the data transformation, compensation management, and reporting capabilities—was not their only problem. They also had issues with internal expertise and resources, so they chose to fully outsource software hosting, software configuration maintenance, and management of several sales operations business processes to Optymyze, embracing a best practices approach.


  • Automating new compensation plan rules for how sales were credited
  • Implementing location management functionality to align each rep with a specific store
  • Enabling managers to maintain rep/store alignment through an automated workflow process

With Optymyze being responsible for accurately managing sales compensation plans that vary by rep and sales channel, the client was able to create a new national retailer sales channel with separate commission plans for each retailer that joined the sales channel—which resulted in execution of a sales channel strategy that might have been impossible without Optymyze.

To enforce business rules and provide greater consistency in how exceptions are treated, Optymyze manages the dispute workflow process, which enables the client to pay its salespeople and channel partners faster and more accurately than mere process automation would have permitted.


Optymyze performs ongoing analyses of the client’s sales performance so management can see where sales are happening, which devices customers are buying, and what service plans are most popular. This information helps management design more successful sales promotions more quickly.



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