Audit and Compliance Problems, Solved

Every large company is obliged to meet its regulatory requirements, but doing so can be a massive burden — and a major business risk — when data issues and inefficient processes get in the way. Optymyze has helped some of the world’s top companies address their auditing and compliance issues:

Error Tracking

When a national telecom company was having difficulty identifying its sales comp errors, leading to audit and compliance issues, Optymyze provided the solution. Our automated system now instantly identifies errors, preventing invalid or inaccurate records from flowing into the data stream — and making it easy to correct the offending records.
  • Now, the client can identify exactly who input the bad data, when the failure occurred, and at which specific point. This new process has led to an increase in salesperson satisfaction, a reduction in disputes, and smoother compliance procedures.

Identity Management

A major analytics company was struggling with an antiquated SPM methodology that was creating difficulties complying with Sarbanes-Oxley and auditing requirements. Optymyze unified their systems and implemented new globe-spanning data access capabilities while retaining the interface with which their employees had become familiar.
  • Now, instead of hundreds of megabytes of confidential data being sent out via email, personalized dashboards show reps only the information that’s relevant to them individually. As a result, the company has saved valuable man-hours while enjoying easier, more secure processes for compliance.

Data Impurity

A heavily manual process was dragging down a national bank’s sales operations, with company turnover and siloed knowledge leading to uncertainty and human error in the data-gathering process. Switching to Optymyze allowed the bank to automate much of its data input and track manual updates far more stringently, leading to more precise and useful data.
  • Now, whenever data is manually altered, that change is recorded, along with who edited it and when. This newly pure data has allowed the bank to enjoy clearer businesses processes and identify unauthorized changes.

Change Management

A multinational manufacturing company with hundreds of hands-on users and disparate teams turned to Optymyze to ensure that it could smoothly enact changes to its compensation plans and operating processes. From multiple sandbox and testing environments all the way to their production environment, each team enjoys robust change tracking native to Optymyze, enhancing their ability to collaborate effectively.
  • Every change to a record is catalogued with the identity of the changer, a timestamp, and the record’s previous state.

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