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Sales Operations as a Service: Ahead of the Game

Sales Operations as a Service is a partnership that takes on every aspect of sales operations. Learn more about the benefits of this innovative approach.

Insurers: Are You Ready for Distribution Management? 7 Questions

Insurance carriers are transforming the customer experience in order to grow their business. Savvy carriers are looking for the tools to motivate their agents to perform.

Financial Services Org – Need an SPM Solution? – infographic

Take a look at the biggest financial services challenges and answer the questions to discover if your company needs an SPM solution.

Sales Analytics: Lighting Up Your Sales Path

Sales analytics brings insight and clarity to sales strategy. Leading organizations use analytics to increase the efficiency of their teams and help them to sell more.

Sales Compensation Problems – executive brief – Optymyze

Optymyze analyzed over 100 companies with large sales forces and identified six major cost categories triggered by sales comp problems. Read this executive brief to find out more.

Innovations in Pharmaceutical Sales Operations

This whitepaper provides data on Sales Operations as a Service, an approach that emerged in the pharma industry and has been embraced by industries all over the world.

Embracing Continuous Transformational Change

Most organizations are in a continuous state of transformational change. Read this executive brief to understand the impact of change on sales and how you can manage it.

Rethinking the Sales Performance Management RFP

Engaging with a Sales Performance Management vendor is a serious commitment. In the early stages of discovery, take a moment to rethink the traditional RFP process.

Is Your Telecom Sales Org Ready for Sales Performance Management?

Telecom providers navigate complex challenges through SPM. This infographic covers the 8 questions you should answer to assess your need for an SPM solution.

How Sales Quota Optimization Uplifts Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharma companies that set accurate quotas better motivate sales reps and achieve sales objectives. Read the whitepaper to discover strategies to set targets that drive growth.

Guide to Using Sales Analytics to Improve Sales Performance

Sales analytics adopters report improved quota attainment, higher customer retention rate, and more deals. Read this guide to discover how to efficiently use sales analytics.

Pharmaceutical Industry Outlook: 2016 Trends Infographic

Tougher competition creates more challenges for the pharma industry in 2016. As more physicians are graduating, sales force is struggling to adapt.