Industry’s fastest no-code data processing delivers extraordinary results for leading telecom

20 disparate data sources reduced to 1 no-code repository and single source of truth

300 million records refreshed daily, from over 10 terabytes of source data

Scaled processing power with multi-cloud, multi-data scalability and elasticity


One of America’s largest cable providers was going through a period of remarkable growth – not only expanding its core business, but also making some high-profile acquisitions that cemented its competitive advantage in its industry.

However, with this great increase in size came a torrent of disparate and complicated data, necessitating nearly constant data processing. It was taking 18 hours every day to process the extraordinarily high volume of data their sales operations were generating – resulting in payout delays and making it more difficult to integrate the new acquisitions.

One of the company’s business units had been an Optymyze customer for years prior to this high-growth era and could speak to the power and flexibility of the Optymyze no-code platform for cloud data warehousing and processing. Optymyze soon became the top choice for how to best integrate the new business units and their data needs.


The telecom company needed a virtual data solution that could solve the pre-existing big data challenges that were exacerbated by its recent growth:

· They lacked one, centralized data system that could serve as the source of truth for corporate knowledge and analytics;

· Instead, they had 20 different data sources in separate data platforms, and were constantly faced with data integration issues, when trying to pull this information together;

· Without one single source of truth, they struggled to meet the audit and compliance demands on their data;

· The datasets that did exist were practically rendered useless, due to:

o extremely slow processing speeds (18 hours for a full cycle);

o extraneous and misnamed data sets and fields; and

o inaccessibility to the average business user.

Now a dozen of the telecom’s business units is using Optymyze, and the data volume that is processed has quadrupled, yet the processing time has been significantly reduced.


The telecom company leveraged the Optymyze platform and its design experts to implement best practices for streamlining and managing all 20 disparate data sources. They created a robust no-code data management solution that could serve as a single source of truth for sales operations and analytics, and they benefited from Optymyze’s built-in auditing and compliance.

The no-code cloud data warehousing and processing enabled the company to overhaul the pre-existing 18-hour daily processing cycle:

· They streamlined the integration of tens of terabytes of unclean data drawn from Salesforce, Excel sheets, CSVs, etc;

· They transformed complex and varied files to only include the clean, and necessary fields, creating more digestible and easy-to-access data sets.

Now a dozen of the telecom’s business units is using Optymyze, and the data volume that is processed has quadrupled, yet the processing time has been significantly reduced.


With no-code cloud data warehousing and processing, the telecom company was able to move smoothly through an unprecedented period of growth, solidifying its position as a leader in the cable market.

That growth was boosted by our client’s salespeople gaining easy, real-time access to more than 300 million front-facing records about customers and prospects – helping them maximize their individual performance. Meanwhile, the new single source of truth for sales data granted management the power and insight to execute accurate sales planning, build better metrics and tweak the high-level strategy.

The newly-organized data also enabled the company to begin paying its salespeople through a more granular, transaction-level process rather than at the opportunity level – more directly incentivizing desirable selling behaviors.

Finally, all those improvements in visibility, transparency, timeliness, and accuracy have had a noteworthy effect on the sales force as a whole, improving satisfaction among reps and helping the telecom company to continue attracting top sales talent.