No-code application solves payout issues for major conglomerate

90% reduction

in payout adjustments

1 month

for no-code application design

$60 billion

worth of transactions processed annually


A multibillion-dollar merger brought 1,000 new employees to a leading international manufacturing conglomerate and the company ended up with over $60 billion in transactions to process annually. This put a strain on both sales administrators and salespeople, who were already frustrated by nebulous and time-consuming processes.

Due to the sheer volume of transactions and payouts, the sales operations administrators faced a never-ending rush to meet payroll deadlines. This state of constantly racing against the clock was not only highly stressful, but also a painfully inefficient use of their time.

Simultaneously, sales reps lacked visibility into their own performance, making it nearly impossible for them to identify discrepancies in their pay. Even if or when they were sure an error had occurred, they lacked a centralized system for requesting action.

The rush to catch up inevitably resulted in miscalculated payments, which in turn led to a time-consuming mass of post-hoc pay recoveries and incremental payouts. Meanwhile, payroll administrators struggled to maintain complete and accurate records of payouts and corrections.

Unsurprisingly, the frustrations of late and inaccurate payments were taking a toll on the engagement level of the company’s salespeople. With reps investing precious work hours into building shadow accounting systems to manually track their performance, their focus had shifted away from selling.


The company was already using the Optymyze unified, no-code platform for sales commission management. To address the above issues, the company built an application for dispute management on the Optymyze platform and integrated it with the existing sales commission management solution.

With the new application, field reps have convenient, individualized dashboards that allow them to submit transaction and performance disputes directly to the appropriate administrators. In stark contrast to the old way of doing business, they now track each dispute from start to finish as it progresses towards resolution.

Administrators now address queries and make compensation corrections more rapidly. Accurate record-keeping is achieved with the automatic logging of every action.

The application is fully scalable and accounts for further growth with the incorporation of new business units.

In stark contrast to the old way of doing business, they now track each dispute from start to finish as it progresses towards resolution.


The company now handles more than 300,000 individual requests with a degree of speed, efficiency, and clarity that had never before been possible.

Users of the application enjoy transparent views into their performance and the resulting payouts. Audit tracking has increased the trust, motivation, and productivity of the company’s sales reps.

The company’s payroll administrators have more manageable, less stressful workload with a fully streamlined process to issue correct and timely payouts.

Sales reps have more time to focus on selling, while administrators swiftly handle overpayments and underpayments when necessary.

The company saw a ten percent decrease in its payout adjustments after implementing the application. With a newly energized salesforce and fully scalable processes, this world-leading company has made its sales performance far more efficient while preparing for continued expansion.