Governance and compliance problems solved  

The automated governance framework embedded in the Optymyze platform benefits all companies. It allows them to control and continuously audit access to, use of and changes to users, roles, apps, data, processes and objects in all areas and all levels of the Optymyze unified platform. 

Companies that are obliged to meet regulatory requirements, will especially appreciate the compliance and security features that are built into the Optymyze platform. When companies are not equipped with the right set of tools, regulations feel like a massive burden and pose a serious business risk. Optymyze has helped some of the world’s top companies address their auditing and compliance challenges.  

Identity management 

Optymyze ensures that access to confidential information is secure and adheres to regulatory requirements. 

A major analytics company was struggling to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements for their sales performance management system. They particularly struggled with providing secure, role-based access to the system’s output in a way that adhered to regulatory requirements. They were currently e-mailing out confidential sales performance information to its global salesforce. By using Optymyze, they successfully unified their separate international systems and implemented role-based, secure data access while improving the end-user experience.  

Now, instead of hundreds of megabytes of confidential data being sent out via email, users log into Optymyze with built-in security such as two-factor authentications and encrypted data. Their mobile views only show information that is relevant to them or their teams based on the company’s hierarchy feed. As a result, the analytics company has gained efficiencies in its process, and greatly reduced its risk of legal ramifications if confidential information ends up in the wrong place

Change management 

Optymyze enables leaders to maintain control over democratized, no-code development. 

A multinational manufacturing company with hundreds of citizen developers serving separate teams develop no-code applications for change management using the Optymyze platform. They work concurrently, and despite the breadth and depth of the ongoing changes that occur, they are able to collaborate effectively. Sandbox environments feed into a production environment seamlessly, and they leverage the automatic change tracking that is native to Optymyze.   

• The automatic audit and versioning give users visibility into each set of changes made to each object over time and by whom;  

• Sandbox environments are issued for development, with automatic migration to deploy objects in development into production with ease; 

• Migration processes include automatic validations to ensure that dependent objects are moved as a set, and to create alerts if new changes could result in incongruent definitions or data (i.e., duplicate records or records with overlapping dates). 

Data impurity 

The Optymyze auditing reduces the risk associated with manual updates. 

A heavily manual process was dragging down a national bank’s sales operations, with company turnover and siloed knowledge leading to uncertainty and human error in the data-gathering process. Switching to Optymyze allowed the bank to automate much of its data input and track manual updates far more stringently, leading to more precise and useful data. 

Now, whenever data is manually altered, that change is recorded, along with who edited it and when. This tracking has enabled the bank to review legitimate changes and identify unauthorized changes.

A heavily manual process was dragging down a national bank’s sales operations, with company turnover and siloed knowledge leading to uncertainty and human error in the data-gathering process.

Error tracking 

Optymyze provides automatic data controls, validations, and auditing, which helps companies trace upstream issues and avoid errors. 

When a national telecom company was having difficulty tracing the root cause of its data errors, it led them to uncover audit and compliance issues. They had no way of identifying exactly who input the bad data, when the failure occurred, and which specific point in the process.   

They switched to Optymyze to improve their data integrity issues. With built-in audit tracking—in all areas and all levels of the unified platform—they were able to easily avoid data errors and user errors.   

Optymyze generates alerts when invalid or inaccurate records are processed, which enables the telecom company to avoid most errors proactively. Any other remaining issues were easily identifiable upstream, and therefore more easily addressed. The new improvements led to an increase in user satisfaction, reduction in disputes, and smoother compliance procedures.