Sales Performance and Sales Operations Resources

Browse through our resources to learn more about sales performance management, sales compensation management and sales operations best practices.

Optymyze Sales Software Demo for Sales Reps

Watch this video to see how Optymyze enables sales reps to better plan their activities . Optymyze gives them access to revenue history, forecast, and to what they have been paid and why.

Optymyze Mobile Experience: Demo Video

This video demo showcases how Optymyze’s mobile platform can be accessed through your smartphone or tablet to always keep your organization up-to-date. Watch it now.

Optymyze Sales Analytics

It’s about the data! Watch this video to learn how Optymyze Sales Analytics can help your sales organization achieve better sales outcomes, improve performance, and accelerate time to value.

ROI of SPM: Sales Performance Management Creates Value

Did you know that SPM solutions can have a ROI of over 800%? Watch the video to see how SPM can dramatically improve sales performance.

Streamlining Sales Operations: How McKesson Planned for Growth

Watch Stephen Long, Sales Compensation VP at McKesson, explain how the healthcare giant consolidated its sales operations after years of M&A activity.

Office Depot Partners with Optymyze for Sales Operations Excellence

Optymyze provides Office Depot with an integrated approach to sales operations and sales compensation. Watch the video to find out more.

Telecom Company Uses Incentive Comp to Improve Customer Service

One of the largest telecom companies in the United States, with around 5 million subscriber base, is looking to increase its market share.

Signs Your Sales Operations Are on the Wrong Track – Infographic

Read the infographic to see the warning signs to avoid getting lost and to ensure sales ops are on track to creating a competitive advantage for your organization.

Kowa Improves Performance with Sales Operations as a Service

Standardizing business processes and workflows, Optymyze guides Kowa on a continuous basis, providing technological know-how and timely industry insights.