Sales Performance and Sales Operations Resources

Browse through our resources to learn more about sales performance management, sales incentive compensation management and sales operations best practices.

Strategically Focusing Sales Operations Research

The SMA and Optymyze have conducted research to measure sales ops’ focus on strategic issues and to identify emerging practices. View this presentation now.

How to Leverage Sales Enablement to Improve KPIs

What are the key tools and practices that you can leverage to improve the KPIs of your sales organization? Watch this demonstration to find out.

The Essential Guide to Quota Planning

Quota planning is a big concern for sales organizations. Read our guide to discover best practices in sales quota management and decide on the best approach for your business.

6 Omni-Channel Challenges in Sales Operations and How to Tackle Them

Sales operations need to create strategies that ensure clients have a seamless shopping experience whether online or offline. Here’s how.

6 Symptoms of Process Inconsistency

It’s impossible to achieve harmony using inconsistent components. Start with tools and processes that are designed for one another.

12 Sales Effectiveness Experts to Follow if You’re in Sales Operations

See who made our list of the top 12 experts in sales effectiveness. Follow these recognized thought-leaders to improve sales performance.

Sales Operations during High Growth

Read this executive brief to find out how high growth can affect sales operations and how you can turn this function into a strategic advantage, while keeping staff motivated.

M&A Insights for Sales: How to Ride the Merger Wave

High growth can be exciting, but also introduce uncertainty for sales operations. Learn how leaders gain momentum during such periods from our new executive brief.

Managing Sales Performance During Transformational Change

Transformational change is the key to moving forward and thriving in a competitive market, but implementing it successfully is a huge challenge. Find out why.

Enhancing Sales Operations’ Role as the Sales Force’s Change Agent

Sales ops experts share best practices for overcoming sales ops challenges and offer advice on organizing to support sales force change.

Sales Operations as a Service: Ahead of the Game

Sales Operations as a Service is a partnership that takes on every aspect of sales operations. Learn more about the benefits of this innovative approach.

Optymyze Increases Sales Management Visibility for Leading Insurer

Optymyze offered a solution that stood the test of time, allowing the client to keep up the pace with changes in the insurance industry.