Sales Performance and Sales Operations Resources

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Sales Comp in the Pharma Industry: Session 1 – Pharma Sales Comp 101

What types of compensation plans are pharma organizations using? Watch this webinar to learn more about common type of plans, and industry best practices for effective sales compensation.

Learn How BCBSMA Solved Its Sales Compensation Problems with Optymyze

BCBSMA continues to partner with Optymyze after implementing a program that solved the company’s sales compensation challenges.

Building for Growth – Creating a Successful Model of Future Sales Compensation

Is your sales comp plan scalable and adaptable to change in sales strategy? Watch this on-demand webinar for top five tips on creating a future-proof sales comp model.

Steer Your Global Business to Success with a Sales Ops Center of Excellence

Learn how to overcome the challenges of running a global business, increase visibility across business units, and boost sales performance.

Powerful Tools for Effective Coaching

Effective sales coaching can significantly increase your sales force performance. Watch this on-demand learn about the tools and practices.

Sales Incentive Programs: How to Use SPIFs and Gamification

Sales incentive programs can improve performance if used correctly. Watch this on-demand webinar for tips on deploying a successful incentive program.

Targeting the Most Vital Analytics to Optimize Sales Performance

How can you leverage sales analytics to optimize sales force performance? Watch this on-demand webinar to find out about tools and practices.

Increasing Telco Customer Engagement through Cross-Selling

Cross-selling has the potential to increase revenue in telecom companies. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn industry best practices for driving customer engagement.

Are Your Sales Ops Healthy? Part 4: Reassessing Your Sales Ops Capabilities

How can you add key capabilities or improve existing ones so that your sales ops group remains focused on the sales strategy? Watch this on-demand webinar to find out.

Are Your Sales Ops Healthy? Part 3: Driving Sales Ops Efficiency through Unified Technology

Do you leverage technology to increase sales ops efficiency? Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how sales ops can benefit from a single, unified platform.

Are Your Sales Ops Healthy? Part 2: Taming the Beast of Bad Data in Sales

How can you improve the accuracy of your sales data and transform it into actionable insights? Watch this webinar on demand for sales data collection and analytics best practices.

Are Your Sales Ops Healthy? Part 1: Driving Accurate Sales Forecasts

Forecasting is a strategic function of sales ops, yet many teams struggle to get it right. How can you improve your sales forecasting accuracy? Watch this webinar to find out.