Sales Compensation Management

Get One Integrated Solution for All Sales Compensation Needs

Manage all forms of compensation and commission of salespeople, agents, and partners with one integrated solution. Calculate fair incentives, get error-free results, and increase visibility with real-time analytics. Let Optymyze help you design, model, and implement flawless commission plans.


Managing sales compensation is essential to organizations because it helps provide direction and motivation to salespeople. However, companies often struggle to:

  • Design and model plans that align to company goals
  • Keep track of complex calculations and integrate data from different sources
  • Eliminate errors in results, process inconsistency, and payment delays.


Make sure sales reps are fairly and accurately incentivized, and that processes are consistent and in line with business goals.

  • Promote and reward selling behaviors that achieve company objectives
  • Leverage plans that adapt to evolving business needs
  • Automate to reduce payment errors and process inconsistency
  • Gain visibility into performance with custom reports and analytics.

Sales Compensation Management Solutions

Optymyze offers two approaches to solving sales compensation management challenges:

Optymyze Sales Compensation Management Software

Manage all aspects of sales commission with this award-winning software:

  • Automate the management process
  • Efficiently manage all forms of variable pay, even the most complex environments
  • Increase sales and sales operations productivity
  • View reporting, transaction history, earnings information and sales quotas – all from anywhere on any device

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Optymyze Sales Compensation as a Service

For industry leaders, we recommend collaborating with experts to:

  • Plan, design, and model the best plans for your business needs
  • Improve plan communication and implementation
  • Improve sales force engagement and reduce expensive turnover
  • Analyze plan effectiveness to make timely adjustments
  • Reduce risks and costs through shared accountability for outcomes

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Additional Solutions

Manage territories better with Optymyze software. Our expertise will enable you to respond to change quickly and improve revenue potential.

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Optymyze software helps you hit sales goals every time. Plan more accurately, improve communication, and increase sales reps’ motivation.

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Automate sales objectives with Optymyze software. Let our experts help you better configure, administer, and measure sales goals.

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