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Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service transforms sales operations from an administrative function to a strategic business driver. It’s a collaborative and ongoing partnership with Optymyze, which delivers business outcomes through a combination of process, expertise, and enabling technology.

  • Proven, best practice processes in sales effectiveness and sales operations management.
  • Sales operations experts manage and execute best practice processes.
  • Sales platform and sales performance software for comprehensive, integrated, and extensible technical capabilities.
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Sales Operations as a Service

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Sales Operations as a Service gives you increased efficiency and flexibility, while reducing risk and costs.

  • Reclaim valuable time for high-value activities that contribute directly to sales.
  • Accelerate the sales cycle through streamlined support processes.
  • Improve sales force engagement and reduce expensive turnover.
  • Minimize disruption to sales momentum stemming from organizational change.
  • Adapt faster with on-demand access to sales operations expertise.
  • Reduce risk through shared accountability for outcomes and regulatory compliance.

Sales Operations as a Service is delivered according to the 5-step process lifecycle of sales performance management.

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Sales Compensation Management

We start with your business objectives, and use sales compensation effectively to achieve company goals.

  • Design and model compensation plans, including participants and crediting rules.
  • Create and manage plan agreements, acceptance, and changes.
  • Design and implement training and communication plans.
  • Manage compensation processing, inquiries, disputes, and adjustments.
  • Define plan effectiveness reports and custom analytics.

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