Sales Territory Management

Maximize the Revenue Potential of Your Sales Territories

Make use of invaluable sales performance data to design and manage your territories while gaining insight into your salespeople’s performance. That’s informed decision-making. The kind that leads to great sales outcomes.


Effective territory management helps companies balance workload and resources. It is a vital process, yet many organizations face common challenges:

  • Sizing and structuring territories that target the right customers, in the right locations
  • Making timely changes to sales alignments
  • Clearly providing assignments and performance information
  • Responding quickly to trends, market changes, and emerging issues


Get the most out of your sales force by owning all aspects of the sales territory management process:

  • Define territories per geography, customer, channel, and any other factors
  • Ensure alignment with sales strategy and agility when change occurs
  • Improve sales engagement by effectively communicating assignments
  • Gain quick visibility into performance and foresight into results

Clients have reported improvements in many areas, including the following:

Alignment to company goals

Visibility into performance

Insight that leads to informed decisions

Foresight that leads to growth

Revolutionize salespeople’s performance with Sales Territory Management. Part of our Optymyze Sales Performance solution, Sales Territory Management helps you effectively align salesperson activities to your organization’s sales strategy. It’s one advantage you can’t do without.

  • Streamline and automate all sales territory management processes
  • Create, analyze and map territories to maximize sales potential
  • Easily monitor performance and adjust territories as needed

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