Sales Quota Management

Manage the Entire Sales Quota Process Faster and Easier Than Ever

Sales Quota Management allows for the easy creation, allocation and management of sales targets across your organization.


Sales Quota Management is a recurring major concern for sales organizations. However, most companies still struggle with the following challenges:

  • Set equitable quotas that keep reps engaged
  • Communicate quotas quickly and clearly
  • Understand and optimize quota attainment across territories and channels


Use Sales Quota Management to drive performance and achieve strategic sales goals.

  • Easily create, allocate, communicate and manage quotas
  • Evaluate and improve attainment across territories and channels
  • Effectively align quotas to company strategy
  • Respond quickly to change

Clients have reported improvements in many areas, including the following:

increase in quota attainment

decrease of time to value

Results turned into actionable plans

Results updated weekly instead of monthly

Revolutionize the performance of salespeople with Sales Quota Management. An essential component of Optymyze Sales Operations TM and of our complete offering, Optymyze Sales Performance, Sales Quota Management helps you effectively optimize quotas and align the activities of salespeople with business goals.

  • Accelerate time to value by automating and streamlining quota management processes
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by improving the quota management process and better motivating salespeople
  • Gain agility and respond quickly to change by allowing sales operations to easily review, adjust and communicate quotas
  • Reduce turnover and costs by setting equitable and attainable quotas across territories and channels

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