Sales Data Management

Create a single source of truth by integrating hundreds of data sources to enable no-code actionable analytics, strategic enterprise planning, and impactful end-user applications.

Data Management Challenges and Benefits

The performance and usage of data is a critical indicator of success, but managing data can be an exceedingly difficult and frustrating challenge. Sales organizations find themselves relying on data in various states of cleanliness from disparate sources such as CRMs, ERPs and antiquated legacy systems. The result is poorly-informed decision-making leading to unrealized opportunities.

You need proper data management to obtain accurate, accessible, and actionable data.

The answer is integrating the various data sources and then cleaning and normalizing the data sets. That answer can be an expensive one requiring a serious commitment to specific expertise, tools and time.

Optymyze directly address your needs with Sales Data Management, a cost and resource efficient solution offering proven benefits by bringing all enterprise sales data together in one place. Automating the extraction, transformation, and loading of data from multiple sources into a single repository enables sales operations and the entire enterprise to:

  • Increase data accuracy, which is a requirement of sales compensation and other sales ops processes
  • Activate data for increase salesperson productivity
  • Make better decisions, integral to the business
  • Increase the effectiveness of planning and modeling
  • Provide fast access to critical data from hundreds of data sources without specialized skills

Clean, organized and centralized data management is a strategic imperative that Sales Data, a powerful data management solution from Opytmyze can efficiently deliver for smarter, more effective sales and sales management.

Sales Operations Management Benefits

The quality of the data you use in your sales processes has repercussions at every level of the sales cycle. Inaccurate, dated or missing information ultimately results in underperforming campaigns and unproductive sales activities.

Proper customer data management prevents disconnects at every critical point of the sales process from attracting and nurturing new leads through engagement to closing and growing accounts.

Sales Data Management works seemlessly with our other solutions:

Impressive Bottom Line Impact

Our sales data management platform can have a positive effect on all levels of the enterprise from better informing decision-making by management to supporting higher salesperson productivity, ultimately resulting in C-level and board satisfaction.


When growing steadily, especially through mergers and acquisitions, companies often find their sales organization challenged by a mismatched conglomeration of business processes and systems for SPM (sales process management). Optymyze Sales Data Management can drive centralization and automation to liberate management for higher level initiatives and motivate salespeople with timely and accurate pay.

Fast, Actionable Data

Sales operations and sales compensation processes will fail without 100% accuracy. For the intelligence that drives business growth, it is crucial to have clean data that can be integrated, analyzed for informed decisions and rep enablement focused on the best opportunities.

Data Leveraging

Sales operations face a multitude of obstacles that can create trouble in connecting sales reps with target customers for re-sell and upgrade. Our sales data management cloud platform can help leverage data with apps that require no coding. Along with strengthening the client/rep relationship, this type of approach can realize rapid time to value and maximize sales opportunities.

Successful organizations in an expanding number of industries are capitalizing on the power and breadth of our sales data management to inform and support a variety of key functions including predictive analytics, market segmentation, sales targeting, and more.

Sales Data Management Use Cases

Our native, no-code sales data management solution offers benefits that translate into measurable return on investment, including:

Speeding Up Sales Cycles and Improving Conversion Rates

Accessible centralized data can help identify opportunities earlier in the process, giving sales teams the ability to proactively adjust offers to maximize conversions.

Strategic Alignment with Sales Performance

Using channel data can not only help identify key sellers and resellers, but it can inform the development and implementation of programs to elevate their performance.

Better Understanding of Your End Customers

In this competitive environment, targeting specific customer segments is a proven sales strategy. Detailed data can help identify strategic customer market segments, helping sales teams generate new leads and uncover new upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

A Focus on Enablement

Within the Optymyze cloud platform, our sales data management offering exceeds typical software expectations by enabling forward-thinking sales operations to substantially improve in critical areas including:

Performance Management

Our sales performance management platform empowers management and supports salespeople by simplifying and increasing the speed of planning, automating, and managing performance processes, including earnings and payments, territories and resources, quotas and goals.

Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting and analytics capabilities enable management with actionable information for increasing productivity through performance motivation and sales goal alignment.

Enterprise Planning

Our enterprise planning capabilities facilitate secure and collaborative enterprise planning through extensive multi-user planning models with no coding required.

Sales Data Management has full capabilities to extract, transform and load data from multiple systems for analytics with our native, no-code data repository and ETL platform that can integrate data from hundreds of sources. This means that you have a single source of truth for compensation calculations, performance reporting and management.

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