Sales Compensation Management

Get One Integrated Solution for All Sales Compensation Needs

Make it easy for your team to manage all forms of compensation and commissions for salespeople, agents, and partners with one integrated solution.

Enable fair incentives, ensure error-free results, and increase visibility with real-time analytics. Let Optymyze help you design, model, and implement flawless commission plans.


Many companies don’t have the right resources to manage end-to-end sales compensation processes and struggle with the following challenges:

  • Payment errors and delays in compensation processing
  • Complex calculations and the integration of data from varied sources
  • Management of compensation disputes from the field


Make sure sales reps are fairly and accurately incentivized, and that processes are transparent, consistent, and compliant with regulations.

  • Promote and reward selling behaviors that achieve company objectives
  • Automate to reduce payment errors and process inconsistencies
  • Gain insight into plan effectiveness and foresight into plan results

Our clients report many improvements, including the following

of overpayments eliminated

improvement in payroll processing time

reduction in field disputes

reduction in salespeople turnover

Drive sales compensation effectiveness for your salespeople to motivate a team of top performers. Positioned at the core of Optymyze Sales Performance, Sales Compensation Management helps large, complex sales organizations transform and streamline their entire compensation process.

  • Design, model and roll out successful sales compensation plans
  • Easily allocate sales credits and manage crediting exceptions
  • Gain actionable insights from sales compensation, dispute and payment trends
  • Empower salespeople to accurately estimate their earnings

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