Chief Human Resources Officer

Revolutionize Compensation and Boost Motivation and Talent Retention

If the question, “Am I going to lose control of the compensation process?” tends to lodge in your mind, we’ve got good news: no. Optymyze’s solutions equip you to motivate the sales force, reduce turnover, and boost employee satisfaction. Enjoy the flexibility to react quickly to change and ensure compliance – all at low risk to your organization.

Build and maintain a great organizational culture

Ensure staff is fairly and equitably paid

Ensure compliance with all regulations

Attract and reward top sales performers

Recommended Solution for Human Resources Roles

Optymyze Sales PerformanceTM

Transform salesperson performance with this complete, integrated solution. Get an accurate picture of each sales rep’s performance through an extensible, scalable platform that captures data from across the enterprise. Use the insights to encourage successful behaviors and to become a trusted advisor in the organization.

Optymyze Solutions are powered by:

Data Science Get a single, reliable source of truth for valuable business insights.

Process Automation Automate time-consuming processes and allow sales reps to focus on selling.

Enterprise Planning Collaborate more effectively and become a trusted decision-making partner.

Advanced Analytics Gain visibility into performance and better motivate and replicate successful behaviors.