Optymyze Sales Territories and Sales Quotas

Watch this video to learn how to strategically define your sales territories and how to set sales quotas using Optymyze.

Optymyze Sales Territories and Sales Quotas are part of Optymyze Sales Performance – a comprehensive suite of sales performance management applications that operate in the cloud.

Together with the other products in the Optymyze Sales Performance solution, Optymyze Sales Territories and Sales Quotas can improve both sales force productivity and sales effectiveness for a company, by providing increased visibility to many key sales metrics… and by streamlining key sales processes.

In addition, Optymyze Sales Territories and Optymyze Sales Quotas both give members of the sales operations team better visibility to key sales information, and allow them to better track important KPIs.

Now let’s take a closer look at Optymyze Sales Territories.

Optymyze Sales Territories helps sales managers and sales operations optimize their territory assignments based on workload and market potential, as well as gain visibility into the sales performance of each territory.

It also allows sales managers to easily visualize a rollup of territories they manage on an intuitive map view. Color-coded graphical “Pins” provide them with the ability to easily visualize multiple sales metrics, so they can know where to focus their attention.

Sales managers can then zoom into a territory and easily see key metrics on a right-hand pane, such as quarterly attainment. They can also quickly apply filters to a territory map to see only those sales entities which are key to the task at hand. These and other features of Optymyze Sales Territories allow sales managers and sales operations to make informed decisions that will improve sales outcomes.

Optymyze Sales Quotas removes the guess work and manual effort of managing sales quotas. It also ensures that sales managers assign attainable quotas, which increases the engagement of sales teams.

Optymyze Sales Quotas is ideal for large, complex sales organizations that have specific requirements. Workflows are flexible, so if your company has many reporting levels, for example, you can closely control feedback on sales quotas. As a result, sales managers and sales operations can quickly assess the accuracy of current sales quotas and realign them with what’s happening in the field. Having this type of visibility means you can set sales quotas more efficiently and accurately.

Optymyze Sales Quotas and Sales Territories are completely integrated in Optymyze Sales Performance. This translates to less of an administrative burden for sales operations, and gives sales managers just one system to execute all sales performance management tasks.

Together, Optymyze Sales Quotas and Sales Territories can maximize sales productivity and revenue and help your company balance the sales workload.

Thank you for taking the time to learn how Optymyze Sales Territories and Optymyze Sales Quotas can help your business achieve better sales outcomes.