Optymyze Sales Planning

Watch this video to learn how to increase the accuracy of your sales forecasts and drive performance.

Today many companies face challenges building accurate and effective sales plans. Sales Management and Sales Operations are trying to coordinate planning efforts using spreadsheets or other desktop tools not designed for enterprise planning. Problems often start with those involved in the planning process trying to coordinate sales forecasts or budgets using too many spreadsheets. This can cause plan data to quickly become inaccurate and incomplete.

In addition, manual tools like spreadsheets quickly limit how planning can be done because they are not able to handle enterprise data sets which have a huge volume and variety of data. As a result of these challenges, the planning process is slow, error-prone and reactionary. Because of these shortcomings in today’s sales planning process, the company risks having ineffective sales forecasts therefore workforce plans may not fit the future needs of the business, territory plans fail to provide good coverage, and sales teams receive unrealistic quotas while their sales compensation plans fail to drive needed performance in the organization.

Optymyze Sales Planning is one of the components of the Optymyze platform; a core part of the Optymyze Sales Performance solution. Optymyze Sales Planning provides a complete enterprise-class sales planning solution for your business. It can help your business predict the future and be better prepared for change.

Some of the benefits of Optymyze Sales Planning include:

  • Improving sales effectiveness
  • Improving your company’s competitive position in the market
  • Driving more effective collaboration
  • Help sales organizations realize greater cost savings from a more streamlined sales planning process

The Optymyze sales planning process starts with a business analyst using the modeling tool within the platform to create one or more sales models. Such as one that describes revenues, workforce plans, quota plans or territory plans.

As the users develop these models in Optymyze, they’ll also be able to use the embedded ETL tool with Optymyze Sales Planning to import data into their models from anywhere across the enterprise. As the different sales planning models are developed, the user can add a view to their model allowing them to securely share it with others in the organization taking advantage of the institutional knowledge across the company and enabling collaboration.

Once the sales planning models are completed they can be shared out with others involved in the planning process. These users can then create different scenarios to explore the possible business outcomes.

Secure collaboration is a core feature of Optymyze Sales Planning so users creating scenarios can easily and securely share them with others to drive more accurate effective sales forecasts. In addition, roles like area sales managers can have planning scenarios easily shared with them. People in these roles can then easily populate these scenarios with data from their area, making the overall sales forecast more accurate and complete.

Once the scenarios are populated, analysts, executives and managers have the analytical tools to collaborate and simulate different outcomes in real time, analyze the results, and make the best operational decisions for the sales organization.

In turn, this improves overall sales effectiveness and improves the company’s competitive position in the market.

Optymyze Sales Planning provides several important business benefits which include:

  • Integrating the planning and execution of all sales performance management processes
  • Enabling better informed planning discussions that allow managers and executives to see the impact of different decisions in real time
  • Improving the security of the planning data and process

Optymyze Sales Planning helps companies understand the future and be better prepared for change.

To learn more about how Optymyze Sales Planning can help your business achieve better sales outcomes, contact us to schedule a discovery call.