Optymyze Sales PerformanceTM

Optimize the Sales Force and Sales Processes for Better Performance

  • Gain confidence in decisions based on a complete set of data.
  • Understand sales performance at the individual and group level.
  • Improve the accuracy of forecasting, modeling, and other data-driven processes.
  • Access performance insights at any time, on any device.
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  • Properly align resources and processes to support sales goals.
  • Model different scenarios to determine the best way to achieve objectives.
  • Provide clear, evidence-based direction on all components of the plan.
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  • Streamline sales operations processes for greater efficiency.
  • Manage hierarchies and relationships among sales people, channels, and territories.
  • Automate common activities to save time and reduce errors.
  • Adapt to change more quickly and easily to maximize market opportunity.
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Optymyze Sales PerformanceTM is powered by:

Data Science Use data from a multitude of sources, combined with artificial intelligence, to identify, understand, and analyze the key drivers and predictors of sales performance

Process Automation Improve time to value with effective, agile sales ops processes

Enterprise Planning Benefit from an embedded planning component to collect data, collaborate over hypothetical scenarios, and create sales plans that reflect the best step forward for the business

Advanced Analytics Gain a competitive edge with predictive analytics that use insights gained from past performance metrics to enable proactive problem-solving

Optymyze Solutions

Increase Sales Operations productivity by efficiently managing, even in the most complex of environments, all variable pays. React and adapt quickly to market conditions and changing strategies.

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Optimize the revenue potential of your sales territories. Create, analyze, and map territories, and constantly monitor results and adjust for the best results.

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Collaboratively design and set sales quotas , automate quota management activities, and assess and report on quota accuracy and effectiveness.

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Effectively align your sales strategy with company objectives and track individual progress. Assess effectiveness of objectives with advanced analytics.

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