Sales People Management

A Centralized Work Area to View and Manage All Aspects of Sales Performance

Sales managers and sales operations need access to critical data to track and manage salesperson performance. If data exists in silos or is inconsistently formatted, their job quickly becomes a struggle. Let Optymyze show you a better way. Sales People Management enables companies to easily streamline, store, and maintain the crucial data that leads to actionable insights.


Helping salespeople improve their performance is complex. If you rely on legacy or homegrown systems, fundamental activities get difficult to carry out:

  • Viewing sales compensation plan attainment
  • Checking current sales quota attainment
  • Understanding skill-proficiency levels among reps
  • Comparing territory performance metrics


Gain a holistic view of all sales performance data so you can improve sales outcomes:

  • Spot sales performance problems before they become issues
  • Use data to understand performance and quickly respond to changes that occur across key sales processes
  • Drill into specific sales processes to get to the root cause of performance issues

Clients have reported improvements in many areas, including the following:

Alignment to company goals

Visibility into performance

Insight that leads to informed decisions

Foresight that leads to growth

Transform the performance of salespeople by enabling them to see and act on data-driven insights from all parts of the sales performance process. Integrated into Optymyze Sales Performance TM, Sales People Management is designed to automatically share information with all other parts of our solution.

  • Motivate reps with key performance data
  • Get a full picture of sales performance with information centralized from all parts of the Optymyze solution
  • Quickly and easily go from identifying a problem to addressing it with direct access to all sales performance processes
Sales People

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