Sales Objectives Management

Align Sales Objectives with Company Strategy

Sales Objectives Management helps you easily set up, manage, and measure organizational objectives to increase salesperson engagement and collaboration.


Managing sales objectives is essential to successfully executing strategy and achieving performance targets. However, many companies face common challenges:

  • Standardizing goal-setting processes and measurements to prevent bias
  • Aligning sales objectives across all tiers and channels of the organization
  • Providing timely objectives information to salespeople
  • Getting a complete picture of sales performance


Ensure that your company achieves its goals, and easily adapt sales objectives to changes within your business or the marketplace.

  • Increase transparency and visibility into individual and team objectives
  • Ensure that the achievements of your salespeople are measured equitably and rewarded fairly
  • Increase salesperson engagement and motivation
  • Gain more control over the sales compensation budget
  • Achieve foresight into results

Clients have reported improvements in many areas, including the following:

Alignment to company goals

Visibility into performance

Insight into necessary changes

Foresight into results

Manage objectives more effectively and revolutionize the performance of your salespeople. A key component of Optymyze Sales Operations TM and of our complete offering, Optymyze Sales Performance TM, Sales Objectives Management helps you effectively align the activities of salespeople to your sales strategy.

  • Plan and design better objectives management processes
  • Streamline and automate objectives calculations, approvals, and adjustments
  • Use social feedback to increase collaboration
  • Confidently lead your team forward with the actionable insights gained from powerful analytics
  • Capitalize on change with flexible scoring, weighting, and performance criteria
Sales Objectives

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