Optymyze Sales Compensation Management Solution

Watch this video to learn how to increase the accuracy and timeliness of sales compensation payments, reduce shadow accounting and disputes, and keep your sellers selling.

Sales Performance Management enables organizations to dramatically improve sales performance by better compensating, motivating, and evaluating sales reps. SPM solutions create ROI by automating slow and unreliable processes, eliminating errors, creating transparency for the sales force, and strategically aligning business objectives with sales behaviors.

Routine sales compensation management is challenging any day of the week, and it’s even harder to manage when sales strategies change. Most companies cannot adapt that quickly and as a result:

  • Commission payments are late or inaccurate
  • Sales reps “shadow account” their compensation to make sure they’re paid correctly
  • Inquiries and disputes pile up
  • Poor sales performance is rewarded, while stellar performance is overlooked

Many sales organizations face one or more of these situations for various reasons.

  • They fail to align compensation with sales strategy
  • They lack insight into compensation plan effectiveness
  • They are unable to quickly adjust plans when needed
  • They do not clearly communicate plans and changes

Optymyze Sales Compensation as a Service combines proven sales compensation and business process expertise with award-winning technology to help you design, implement and run compensation plans efficiently, and develop accurate sales performance insights.

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