Data Repository & ETL Platform

Our no-code Data Repository and ETL platform integrates data from hundreds of sources to be an organization’s single source of truth.

We load over 15 billion data records and perform thousands of data transformations per month for clients.

Quickly scale and manage the most complex data repository and data extraction, transformation, and load requirements

Quickly access information that’s stored in an integrated data repository

Normalize, store, and pull any volume and variety of data easily and cost effectively with embedded ETL functionality – ensuring a single source of truth for sales performance

Seamlessly enable all parts of sales performance management with a completely integrated solution

Rapidly integrate large data volumes at lightning speed

Data Repository

Optymyze provides the ability to extend the data repository to include additional data sources outside of SPM.

Data Sources and Loading

Definition and execution of workflows to validate and load data from source to target.

Data Transformation

Application of automated logic to aggregate, filter, join, and sort data to conform to the Optymyze Data Repository.

Data Uses and Extracts

The ability to leverage cleaned and normalized data from the data repository for business processes in the larger sales operations discipline and beyond.

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