Collaboration Practices

Our client engagement collaboration practices are rooted in an agile, highly collaborative, iterative approach to planning, managing the delivery of our services, and maximizing the value that our clients receive from our services. The client engagement collaboration practices include:

Rapid Iterations

To shorten the time to value and maximize the overall value of our services, Optymyze works with our clients in an agile manner that involves going through many iterations of conceptualizing, delivering, learning, and adapting—starting with basic functionality that meets the requirements and adding enhanced capabilities over time.

Responsive Feedback

Optymyze and our clients work together to responsively provide feedback and approvals to maximize the impact of our services, to avoid extra costs and delays, and to make sure we are able to quickly make decisions.

Flexible Priorities

With the multi-dimensional perspective that comes from the three parallel client engagement planning processes, Optymyze uses a flexible approach with our clients to changing strategic and operational priorities over time to achieve the highest possible impact with the lowest possible cost.

Team Collaboration

Optymyze uses team collaboration applications for nearly all forms of communication with our clients to keep everyone on the same page and to create transparency at all levels of both of our organizations.

Asynchronous Communication

Optymyze uses social enterprise applications as the primary means of collaboration and communication to support a global workforce and people working in different time zones.

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