Latest Release of Optymyze Sales Performance Focuses on Driving Sales Force Productivity and Salesperson Engagement

Chester, PA and Singapore, April 30, 2015 — Optymyze®, a worldwide provider of enterprise cloud applications for improving sales and channel performance, today announced its latest release of Optymyze Sales Performance. This release concentrates on the needs of salespeople and shortening the overall time-to-value when implementing a sales performance management (SPM) solution.

Enhanced Focus on Salespeople as Users of SPM Applications

Typical SPM applications are focused at the sales operations staff to improve operational efficiency. This leaves salespeople, who are the end-customers of sales operations processes, receiving a comparatively small share of the potential value from improving these processes.

Optymyze has long seen the importance of adoption by sales and has provided salespeople with value through a wide range of cloud applications and by analyzing sales, sales compensation, and sales performance data. With recent advances in data visualization technologies and user experience design, Optymyze is now delivering even faster and greater value to salespeople and sales managers.

More Engaging User Experience for Salespeople

This release of Optymyze Sales Performance delivers a foundational component of the improved user experience with a new paradigm for organizing applications, navigating through content, and linking content to associated workflow processes. This new paradigm is reflected in Optymyze Sales Portal, the gateway application for all Optymyze sales applications and content. The new user experience makes it easier for salespeople to use sales force automation and sales force enablement applications. In addition this release provides ready access to sales reports, sales analyses, and other sales performance insights—from a single place. Specifically:

  • The redesigned navigation consists of a collapsible menu on the left side of the screen that lets salespeople easily find and use applications and content—from managing daily sales activities to tracking sales goal progress to seeing their sales commissions. (Figure 1 screenshot)
  • Because salespeople and sales managers are often on the road, the redesigned navigation model delivers the same experience whether used on a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device. (Figure 2 Screenshot)

Extended SPM Functionality for Salespeople and Sales Managers

The enhanced user experience is consistently and seamlessly applied to the dozens of applications that are part of Optymyze Sales Performance plus all of the applications created with Optymyze Sales Application Studio, a platform as a service that enables non-technical business analysts to extend Optymyze Sales Performance by building and deploying fully integrated Optymyze Studio Apps.

The result is an intuitive, highly functional, integrated set of sales force performance management applications accessible through Optymyze Sales Portal that create a high degree of engagement by salespeople and sales managers.

In fact, recent research done by Synygy, an Optymyze implementation partner, found a direct correlation between higher sales quota attainment and use of Optymyze Sales Portal by salespeople.

Improved Insight for Salespeople with Sales Analytics

Many organizations use sales compensation systems that provide an incomplete picture of progress that a salesperson is making toward their goals, what they need to do differently to improve performance, and how much sales commissions they can expect to earn. For most companies, giving salespeople a complete picture of sales performance has been a slow and painstaking process.

Optymyze Sales Performance excels at this by giving each salesperson and sales manager a personalized sales portal with access to many dimensions of performance information as well as an easier way to drill down and through content into underlying explanations of performance and sales transaction detail. It also allows salespeople to initiate disputes on specific data and content and to do “what if” analysis.

This is made possible with Optymyze Sales Analytics Platform, a built-in, non-technical set of applications for integrating data from dozens or hundreds of different sources and automating the transformation and analysis of the data, which is then used to create content for individual salespeople and sales managers.

Continued Additions of Core Sales Compensation Management Functionality

In this release, Optymyze continues to improve the core functionality of Optymyze Sales Comp Cloud, one of three cloud application groups that make up Optymyze Sales Performance, with several enhancements that provide more flexible incentive compensation plan processing capabilities. These include:

  • Allowing more advanced parameter lookup capabilities for metric and earnings calculations to support more complex forms of variable pay for sales teams.
    • Our larger customers often have many products or sales groups that may have different earnings curves for attaining a given percentage of their overall sales quota, and this enhancement lets them have as many of these variations in one sales compensation plan as needed.
  • Providing organizations, such as our insurance customers, the ability to define compensation rules with tiered commission rates that vary by aggregated sales amounts.
    • This capability, for example, allows insurance customers to pay their agents at one commission rate for the first $100,000 of premium booked and then a second commission rate for the next $100,000 of premiums sold.
  • Providing more precise calculation of incentive compensation with the ability to apply modifiers before or after aggregating earnings.
    • Several of our customers pay an additional earnings kicker to salespeople that vary by some other attribute, such as customer tier, and this enhancement allows them to calculate modified earnings totals at the detailed level before earnings are aggregated for each employee.

Additional improvements were made to Optymyze Sales Force Cloud and Optymyze Sales Ops Cloud, the other two cloud application groups that make up Optymyze Sales Performance.

Comments on the News

“We recognize that highly engaged salespeople are a key to selling more. Optymyze provides salespeople and their managers with better visibility by giving them the insight that they need to achieve their sales goals and improve outcomes. This release delivers on that promise with an enhanced user experience focused on salespeople” said Mark Stiffler, CEO of Optymyze.”

“Although we will continue to provide enhanced functionality of our core sales compensation and sales operations applications, we will have an increased focus going forward on providing cloud applications and our application development platform that provide a greater time-to-value for our customers and that drive sales performance through direct engagement with salespeople.”


Figure 1. This dashboard shows the new Optymzye navigation on left and a dashboard where a salesperson sees several dashboard reports showing progress towards key sales goals as well as links to the most commonly used functions.

Figure 2. The new Optymyze navigation works on laptop, desktop, and mobile devices, allowing salespeople to work anywhere.