6 Omni-Channel Challenges in Sales Operations and How to Tackle Them


Of all the recent trends in buyer behavior, the shift to omni-channel has the greatest impact on sales operations across many industries. Though this is now the norm in business, companies still have a hard time providing a cohesive customer experience. They struggle with paralysis in front of huge amounts of data, compensation errors, and many more issues that render their strategies ineffective. Here are the six omni-channel challenges sales leaders have to tackle:

  • Challenge no.1: High volumes of complex data – difficulty to track, analyze, and unlock the value
    of big data.
  • Challenge no.2: Multiple territory changes – frequent territory updates are hard to manage, lead to inaccuracy, and make territory management a cumbersome process.
  • Challenge no.3: Compensation errors and disputes – plans don’t accurately compensate reps in
    all channels, which leads to territory infighting and a high number of inquiries.
  • Challenge no.4: Uneven sales operations processes – traditional processes were never built for
    omni-channel sales or commissioning.
  • Challenge no.5: Difficulty to improve customer engagement across channels – smart, self
    educating customers begin the purchase process with decisions made. Customer churn is high,
    and customer engagement – elusive.
  • Challenge no.6: Lack of alignment with marketing and other groups – 38% of company leaders say
    their digital channel is suffering from lack of internal coordination.

Best-in-class organizations can no longer rely on traditional sales channels to drive growth. An
omni-channel customer engagement strategy helps retain 89% of customers, compared to just
33% in organizations without one.

Sales operations need to create strategies that prevent customer churn and ensure clients
have a seamless shopping experience whether they are making the final purchase decision online
or in a physical store.