Why is Transformational Change Such a Big Deal?

Find out how a transformational change initiative unfolds and the best way to manage it.


Though it is proven with historical data that transformational change is necessary to stay relevant, people instinctively resist change. With agile change management, you can leverage it to your advantage, instead of just managing the transition.

The reason managing change is so difficult, because no one likes change. Organizations are made of people and people resist change. It is human nature to be comfortable with the status quo and forgo anything that disturbs it.

People resist change –

  • due to fear:
    • of failure
    • of being wrong
    • of ‘it’ not working
    • of looking like a fool
  • because they are unwilling:
    • to abandon existing processes
    • to learn a new way of working
    • to let go of existing goals

Having the best intentions, creating a great plan, and communicating it to key stakeholders are important parts of the process. But if the plan is not executed properly, it can all go down the drain.

Implementing continuous change initiatives requires:

  • alignment of goals across the organization
  • clarity of vision
  • clear and continuous communication

Adapting to change is difficult in itself, and continuously adjusting to transformational change is so much more complicated. Going agile is a way to make sure that change is accepted by everyone, so that they participate in the process instead of opposing it.

The most successful organizations adopt an agile approach to effectively manage sales performance during continuous transformational change. Agile enables organizations to successfully adapt to foreseeable and unforeseeable changes. It is rooted in organizational systems, and is executed through processes and by people.

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