Rethinking the Sales Performance Management RFP

9 Questions to ask Vendors


Engaging with a Sales Performance Management vendor is a serious commitment. In the early stages of your engagement with an SPM vendor, take a moment to rethink the traditional RFP process. Ask questions that revolve around the problems you must solve and the outcomes you seek.

Our Sales Performance Management RFP resource will help you keep the following in mind:

  • Every enterprise sales organization is different, which is why it is critical to pick a vendor who can perform many optimization tasks depending on your unique business needs and strategies.
  • Each industry has its own unique set of processes and systems. Engaging with certified consultants who have experience with companies in different industries will help you reduce risk and become more efficient.
  • There is more to the sales process than just compensation. Be sure to seek out a vendor that can help with territory management, performance appraisals, sales objectives, and quota setting. 
  • Vendors should provide solutions that complement one another. A solution that integrates built-in territory mapping, a smarter data set to manage quotas, and automatic updates will be most effective in achieving company goals.
  • It can be difficult to combine large sets of data, but your vendor should understand each data set’s unique properties and be able to provide expert analyses. A capable vendor will transform your varying data sources into a single source of truth.
  • Raw data alone is not actionable. Your vendor must offer expert data analysis and confidently recommend improvements, predict outcomes, and monitor organization-wide performance.
  • Your vendor should own these tactics, but also be capable of engaging your entire sales force. Lasting improvements only occur if everyone is engaged in learning sales performance management techniques.
  • The process of rolling out a sales performance management initiative is traditionally lengthy and inflexible. Top vendors in the industry will align with your priorities and strive to collaborate continuously.

The best technology cannot overcome misaligned processes and strategy. Seek out a vendor that is dedicated to delivering results tailored to your business interests and can provide ongoing expertise in sales performance initiatives.