McKesson’s Story: How Agile Sales Operations Can Boost Performance During Transformational Change

The largest merger in McKesson’s history saw its sales force grow to unprecedented size, leading to a dire need to implement new systems and process to scale sales operations.

After the biggest acquisition in the company’s history, pharmaceuticals supplier McKesson was looking at a sales force 2,300 reps strong, all compensated through disparate solutions. With 10 million monthly transactions and other frequent, small acquisitions, McKesson was struggling with decentralized sales operations that could no longer be handled internally. Luckily they had someone to turn to. By leveraging Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service, McKesson was able to:

  • consolidate the data and streamline the sales compensation plan administration
  • process sales comp more efficiently
  • give sales reps something they can actually use and make all elements of pay more transparent
  • adapt to market changes faster and more efficiently

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