Optymyze Sales Software Demo for Sales Reps

Watch this video to see how Optymyze enables sales reps to better plan their activities to grow their compensation.

Efficient territory management has many benefits for both reps and the salesorganizations, but it’s cumbersome without the right processes in place. Optymyze helps salesreps sell more by giving them easy access to the information they need to better manage theirterritories and to understand their compensation in a one-stop shop.

At a glance, salespeople can identify how they are doing against their goal and how theycompare to their peers. Optymyze gives them access to their revenue history, their forecast,and to what they have been paid and why. For many of these high-level items, reps can drilldown to more specific details. For example, they can look at the incentive statements andunderstand the details behind the calculations.

Watch the video to find out more and see first-hand how sales reps navigate the platform.