The ROI of SPM: How Sales Performance Management Creates Value for Organizations

Watch this video to understand how SPM translates into ROI in various industries and how it could create value for your organization.

Sales Performance Management enables organizations to dramatically improve sales performance by better compensating, motivating, and evaluating sales reps. SPM solutions create ROI by automating slow and unreliable processes, eliminating errors, creating transparency for the sales force, and strategically aligning business objectives with sales behaviors.

For example, Optymyze helped a pharma organization reduce processing time from 12 to only four weeks. Accurate results eliminated overpayments and shadow accounting, resulting in 75% ROI in the 1st year alone.

Other SPM success stories include:

  • Reduction in the number of plans from 150+ to just five plans
  • 75% drop in calls from the field in just 2 months
  • Elimination of double crediting and savings of $1M in overpayments
  • Reduced processing time from nine to four weeks

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