Optymyze Technology Summary

Technical Architecture

  • Java EE (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition)
  • MVC (Model/View/Controller) architecture
  • Rich, high performance user experience using HTML5 and AJAX delivered in a browser-based thin client user interface
  • Scalable architecture with an n-tier system of presentation, application, processing, reporting, and data layers

Data Integration

  • Most file formats, APIs, direct database access, and web service sources
  • Most enterprise data sources and applications supported:
  • CRM, ERP, BI (Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, IBM/Cognos, etc.)
  • HRIS Systems (PeopleSoft, Kronos, Workday, etc.)
  • Industry-specific platforms
  • Payroll (ADP, Ceridian, etc.)
  • Accounting, financial, and legacy systems
  • Flexible data loading and extraction options and scheduling by input/output
  • Built-in error handling and data validation and cleansing rules
  • Full auditing of all data changes

Dashboards and Reporting

  • Built-in, on-demand reporting with output in HTML, PDF, and Exce
  • Dynamic, interactive dashboards with drill-down Powerful, interactive cross-application analytics fueled by big data sources
  • Interactive map rendering

Authentication & Authorization

  • Versatile single sign-on and single password authentication including federated authentication using SAML and enterprise authentication using LDAP, Active Directory/ Windows Integrated Authentication, and others
  • Role-based authorization including access to application features and functionality, data, and various business objects and containers
  • Additional access control using hierarchies and associations mappings

Server Requirements

  • Oracle Red Hat Linux and Windows Server
  • Oracle 11g R2 database server
  • NGINX HTTP server
  • Glassfish application server
  • Vertically and horizontally scalable with additional processors and servers

Client Requirements

  • Tablets running Apple iOS or Google Android
  • Smartphones running Windows, Android, or iOS
  • Desktop PCs running Windows XP SP2/SP3 or Windows 7/8
  • MacBook (Air/Pro), Mac (Pro/mini), or iMac running OS X
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari

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