Optymyze Solutions for Telecommunications

Industry Challenges

From complex networks to mobile phones and other wireless devices, the telecom industry is a global infrastructure that touches us all. The growth of omni-channel consumer experiences forces a refashioning of sales processes. Carriers try to keep up with customer demands in an effort to reduce high customer churn rates that result in millions of lost revenue annually. The industry’s continued reliance on channel sales also makes sales performance management more challenging. To fight competition and deliver an excellent customer experience, carriers need flawless sales processes and operations.

Data spread across many systems

The ability to integrate all data sources is the number one priority for telecom providers, research shows. Omni-channel sales generate higher volumes of complex data that needs to be reflected into sales compensation. Data processing and cleansing remain a big concern for all telecom providers.

Inaccurate sales compensation

The amount and complexity of data often lead to inaccuracy. There is a lot of pre-processing necessary to determine if sales transactions are commissionable or not. Retroactive calculations due to many product returns and service cancellations also make sales compensation challenging.

Lack of flexibility in front of change

Adjusting processes to frequent changes is challenging because of the number of store locations, plan participants, and high volumes of data. It’s also difficult to turn big data into timely, accurate reports for different levels in the organization.

Optymyze Solutions for Telecommunications


Optymyze Sales Operations Platform

Optymyze Sales Operations Platform drives sales performance excellence for some of the most successful and innovative telecom companies in the world. The solution addresses many of the specific industry challenges described above by automating, managing and integrating all critical sales performance processes, such as compensation, quota and territory management.

Optymyze Sales Compensation™

  • Create a single, auditable, and secure repository for data coming from multiple channels and lines of business.
  • Align compensation plans with overall goals and control costs by modeling different scenarios.
  • Automate complex plan calculations, earnings, and payment processes.
  • Gather sales intelligence to design better sales promotions and prevent customer churn.
  • Increase accuracy of sales compensation to reduce disputes.

Optymyze Sales Territories™

  • Capitalize on omni-channel trends and automate territory management based on geography, customer, channel, and any combination of factors.
  • Improve sales performance using data about which devices and service plans are selling best to design better sales promotions.
  • Configure and manage complex territory requirements with automated, flexible business rules and workflows that support exceptions, splits, overlays, and more.
  • Empower executives to review and change territory alignments, while preserving data accuracy and integrity.

Optymyze Sales Quotas™

  • Set equitable, motivating quotas by allowing sales managers to collaborate with each sales person and channel on the quota setting process.
  • Improve and accelerate quota setting by automating communication of initial quotas, feedback, adjustments, approvals, and roll out.
  • Boost sales engagement and motivation by enabling salespeople to see current and historical quota information and request adjustments.
  • Quickly and easily revise quotas across the sales organization, in response to changes in the market, sales strategy, or territory definitions.

Optymyze Sales Objectives™

  • Align your sales teams and channels with company objectives by automating objective setting, scoring, reviews, approvals, and adjustments.
  • Ensure achievement of company goals by aligning objectives across the organization from executives, to sales teams and individuals.
  • Ensure managers reward salespeople fairly across all channels for objectives achievement.
  • Avoid budget overruns through integration of objectives achievement data with compensation management.

Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service

To help telecom companies overcome their challenges on a more strategic level, Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service combines leading cloud SPM technologies, deep industry expertise, and a collaborative, agile engagement model, delivering outcomes not possible with software alone. From sales compensation to quota and territory management, Optymyze works with telecom providers to automate and improve sales processes, organize their sales structure for optimal performance, and increase visibility to results.

Optymyze Sales Compensation Management

This solution ensures the effectiveness and accuracy of all forms of variable compensation, helping telecom companies to achieve company goals. Through an as-a-service engagement, our sales compensation experts solve the problem of information spread across the enterprise, bringing together high volumes of data in a single platform. By capitalizing on omni-channel information and standardizing all business processes, Optymyze improves customer experience across channels.

With a mix of technologies, proven business processes and industry know-how, the solution also helps telecom companies to manage compensation processing, attribute revenue more easily, and make retroactive calculations and adjustments.

Optymyze Quota Management

This solution helps telecom companies to create, automate, and manage all aspects of the quota management process within a single platform. Our experts help telecom companies to set accurate quotas for their channels based on their financial targets and easily manage exceptions to stay flexible in front of change.

Optymyze Quota Management also helps telecom companies to design and manage quota communication plans, reports, and acceptance agreements, increasing collaboration between sales managers, sales channels, and the sales force.

Optymyze Territory Management

In addition to the latest technologies, this solution brings in the business process and industry expertise that telecom companies need to elevate their territory management function. Through a collaborative, agile engagement model, our territory management experts conduct an extensive analysis of existing structures and alignments to identify strengths and weaknesses.

With this insight, they make recommendations on territory and sales force sizing, customer segmentation and targeting, call and activity planning, budgets, and more. Optymyze Territory Management ensures telecom leaders make the best business decisions to reduce churn, create a unified brand experience across channels, and produce better sales results.


Optymyze helps telecom companies to motivate their sales force, increase productivity, reduce customer churn, and capitalize on omni-channel development. Besides transforming and managing high volumes of data, our solutions also ensure business process consistency across sales channels. Optymyze software transforms, cleanses and manages high volumes of complex data, increasing visibility into sales performance. Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service helps analyze trends and provides insights into sales performance across channels.

Optymyze solutions enable telecommunications companies to:

  • Increase revenue using real-time information to design better sales promotions and prevent customer churn.
  • Improve agility using data about which devices and services plans are selling best.
  • Easily adapt to product shifts and new omni-channel strategies.
  • Track, measure, and reward positive interactions with customers across all channels.
  • Analyze trends and gain insights into omni-channel sales performance.
  • Accurately forecast costs of sales and manage budgets.

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