Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Optymyze Sales Performance is completely interoperable with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a popular platform for sales force automation and customer relationship management.

Application Integration

No special interface is required to deliver the integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Optymyze Sales Performance, which saves time and money and helps eliminate data redundancies and errors. When Microsoft Dynamics CRM users log in, they automatically gain access to the full functionality of the Optymyze Sales Performance portal application, which appears as a menu tile within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Efficiently Execute Sales Strategies

From Microsoft Dynamics CRM, salespeople, sales managers, sales operations staff, and other joint Optymyze Sales Performance users can quickly and easily:

  • query data and maintain information from either application
  • review sales compensation results and payments
  • perform “what if” analyses that link sales pipeline data to projected sales compensation
  • analyze performance using dashboards and interactive tools
  • review territory, customer, and product forecasts
  • manage, review, and communicate rewards and recognition
  • review, adjust, and approve sales quotas
  • create, evaluate, score, and approve (MBOs)
  • manage exceptions and adjustments
  • manage segmentation and targeting
  • manage territory, account, geographic, and other alignments
  • review call and activity plans
  • conduct performance reviews
  • do skills assessments
  • enter, research, and resolve inquiries and disputes
  • manage a wide range of sales workflow processes

Data Integration

Fully integrated and native to the platform, the process to extract, transform, and load (ETL) Microsoft Dynamics CRM data into Optymyze applications is completely automated and requires no extra pre-processing or tools. The data repository architecture of Optymyze Sales Analytics Platform has the flexibility and scalability to integrate, transform, validate, and cleanse all manner and volume of data. The repository’s data model is schema-independent, meaning that there are no constraints that require the writing of custom database code or the manipulation and transformation of data into a pre-specified, hard-coded data structure, which eliminates errors and delays caused by processing data using custom database applications or external data transformation tools.

Optymyze Sales Analytics and Data Management Platform

Our integrated sales analytics and data management platform enables business analysts to do things that would otherwise be too complex and take too long to do.

  • define data integration sources directly linked to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM data warehouse without the need to create any data extracts
  • define processes for loading and transforming data stored in any structure
  • maintain and change the processes for loading data into the Optymyze data repository as Microsoft Dynamics CRM data structures change
  • review process logs that list errors and are automatically generated upon loading data
  • define and maintain processes for validating and cleansing data to improve root causes of problems in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM data
  • make manual adjustments, which are tracked by the system, to correct data problems and upstream data processes

Benefits of Optymyze Sales Analytics Platform Interoperability with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Because the Optymyze data repository holds one of the cleanest sets of data, customers often use it as the primary source of data to feed other company systems for payment processing, additional reporting, and analysis. Optymyze’s seamless, automated approach to integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications and data also results in:

  • improved accuracy through elimination of multiple data touch points and data exchanges
  • real-time synchronization of data between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other applications
  • elimination of manual pre-processing and use of special plug-ins or third-party tools
  • lower operational costs to create and maintain data ETL processes
  • increased visibility into the impact of pipeline opportunities on individual performance, commissions, and earnings

Optymyze Sales Performance provides single sign-on and seamless, automated integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions

View of summary dashboards about sales performance

Enter, research and resolve inquiries and disputes within Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Personal view of sales contest and award status

Model variations of closing opportunities based on your compensation plan

Map and dashboard view of sales and sales potential using Optymyze Sales Performance