Data Repository and ETL

Native No-Code Platform Enables Fast and Actionable Data

Data Repository and ETL is a powerful, no-code platform that’s native to Optymyze Sales Operations™. It can integrate data from hundreds of sources at lightning speed, automatically load billions of records, and execute thousands of transformations monthly.

Establish a single source of truth for your organization’s sales data with a platform that enables action-oriented end-user applications, insightful reporting and analytics, and real-time enterprise and sales planning.

Bad Data Can Swamp Operations

It’s common for sales organizations to struggle with incomplete, inaccurate, and disconnected data. Typical causes include:

  • Antiquated legacy systems
  • Siloed, disparate data sources
  • Varying states of data cleanliness
  • Lack of resources and knowledge to fix problems

The result:

  • Unreliable, unactionable data
  • Slow decision-making
  • Inaccurate financial reports and forecasting
  • Loss of credibility with partners

Fast, Actionable Data Is Crucial for Growth

Sales compensation and sales operations processes require 100% data accuracy – or they fail. Data that is clean, integrated, and analyzed provides essential intelligence for business growth. Actionable insights help leaders make informed and impactful decisions, and they can increase sales by enabling reps to focus on the right opportunities.

How Data Repository and ETL Works

The Optymyze platform, with no need for coding, enables users to:

  • Extract and clean data from different sources into one centralized location
  • Consolidate data so that separate sources can be used together
  • Push data from SPM to other systems
  • Enforce data quality and consistency
  • Handle enormous amounts of information:
    • ~3 trillion records per month in 2017
    • Thousands of data transformations monthly

Check out an example of how Optymyze helped a large pharmaceutical manufacturer turn data into action.

Outcomes of Leveraging this Platform

Data Repository and ETL gives you cleaner, more accurate data that is centralized and easily integrated, even from nonstandard SPM sources.

This lets you:

  • Mobilize data to sales ops, your sales force, and other stakeholders within your organization
  • Clearly and comprehensively see data from across your organization
  • Leverage more data within essential sales operations processes

Why Data Repository and ETL Is the Ideal Solution

  • Data Repository and ETL is fully native to Optymyze Sales Operations™
  • It provides rapid time to value by quickening the availability of actionable data
  • No code-writing needed
  • No need to separately contract for a third-party tool and hire experts
  • No need to wait for IT sprints, budgeting, or resource availability
  • Native machine-learning capability

Optymyze Sales OperationsTM

Data Repository and ETL is part of Optymyze Sales OperationsTM, a sales performance management solution that consists of an integrated set of cloud platforms and applications, a three-pronged approach to client success, and a choice between multiple levels of service.

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