Optymyze Sales Performance

Optymyze provides a complete set of sales performance management applications that are designed to help companies improve the alignment, efficiency, productivity, and visibility of their sales force, sales channels, and sales operations. Optymyze Sales Performance focuses on three business process areas:

  • Sales and Incentive Compensation Management to manage all forms of variable pay
  • Sales Force Performance Management to automate key processes for salespeople and sales managers
  • Sales Organization Performance Management to increase efficiency and productivity of the sales operations function

Sales and Incentive Compensation Management

Optymyze Sales Compensation is our core offering and is used to manage all forms of compensation, commissions, and rewards for all of your sales channels – including direct salespeople, agents, partners, distributors, resellers, stores or other entities. Accessible from anywhere on any device, it provides an intuitive user interface to manage key aspects of incentive compensation including the ability to:

  • Quickly create compensation plans
  • Easily setup and manage complex formulas and rules within compensation plans
  • Simply make modifications to existing compensation plans
  • Eliminate payout errors in sales compensation plans

In addition to sales compensation management, Optymyze Sales Compensation includes complete management reporting for all parts of the sales organization. This includes viewing compensation compliance and exception reporting, as well as providing role-based portals that show salespeople and managers key information on transaction history, earnings information and sales quotas.

Delivering Sales Performance Success

Optymyze has a proven track record of rapidly delivering improvements in sales performance metrics and key performance indicators for better:

Sales Force Performance Management

This set of applications and capabilities builds off the sales compensation core and empowers both sales representatives as well as sales management. The individual applications and capabilities work together to automate key sales processes, enable sales force productivity, and provide better visibility into areas for individual and team improvement.

Optymyze Sales People

Designed to give sales managers and sales operations a complete 360-degree view of sales people, Optymyze Sales People provides a single window for managing all aspects of the sales talent management process.

Application Groups that Make Up Optymyze Sales Performance

Optymyze Sales Appraisals

Drive better alignment between your sales force and organizational goals with Optymyze Sales Appraisals. This application enables sales managers to measure and evaluate individual performance through a streamlined and automated proces including:

  • Ability to tailor the sales appraisal process to the specific needs of your organization.
  • Conduct multiple appraisals for different parts of the sales organization so you can assess the right skills and activities for each group.
  • Tie the appraisal process to sales compensation and sales coaching so you can reward top performers and recommend activities to improve overall performance.

Optymyze Sales Coaching

Key to the success of a sales organization is maintaining high engagement among the sales force and facilitating the continuous improvement of sales people. Optymyze Sales Coaching gives sales organizations the tools to meet both of these goals with market-leading capabilities that include:

  • Helping managers to spot deficiencies in key sales skills and focus individuals on improving them.
  • Providing intelligent recommendations to sales people on how to make their activities more effective and sharpen key skills.
  • Track key sales coaching KPIs via management reports and analytics.

Optymyze Sales Coaching

Sales Organization Performance Management

This set of applications is integrated with the rest of the applications in Optymyze Sales Performance, to help sales operations teams improve operational efficiency, increase team productivity, and pinpoint areas for organizational improvement.

Optymyze Sales Territories

Maximize your market opportunity and improve sales force alignment with Optymyze Sales Territories. Optymyze Sales Territories provides sales managers and sales operations a complete set of tools to set up and manage sales territories, including:

  • Intuitive, visual territory mapping tool displays an array of account, territory and sales KPIs, on a geographic map of sales territories.
  • Complete, customizable workflow to set up, manage and change territories throughout the year.
  • Complete integration with sales compensation and sales quotas so that territory information can be accurately reflected throughout the sales process.

Optymyze Sales Quotas

Improve sales performance and communication with your sales team by using Optymyze Sales Quotas. Optymyze Sales Quotas provides a complete set of quota management tools, including:

  • Ability to set up and define sales quotas for any level of complexity.
  • Get structured, constructive feedback from the field to increase the accuracy of sales quotas.
  • Complete integration with sales compensation and territory management processes so quota information is accurately reflected throughout the sales process.

Optymyze Sales Territories

Optymyze Sales Objectives

Increase the alignment of sales organization objectives to company objectives. Optymyze Sales Objectives provides a rich set of capabilities to align and manage objectives including:

  • Define quantitative objectives that link to the company’s growth strategy.
  • Tightly align objectives from individual sales teams to senior management.
  • Use social tools to increase sales team engagement in objective ownership and tracking progress of objectives achievement.

Optymyze Sales Objectives

Why Optymyze?

There are many reasons to make Optymyze solutions your choice for sales and channel performance management, including:

  • Comprehensive Set of SPM Applications – Optymyze offers applications for streamlining incentive compensation, sales operations, and sales force performance all in a single solution suite.
  • Integrated Sales Analytics – A set of enterprise-class, sales data management and analysis tools that provide answers to key sales questions.
  • Extensible Sales Application Development – Integrated set of application development tools which enables nontechnical business analysts to build and deploy custom applications to suit their needs.
  • Enterprise-class Sales Planning – A complete set of sales planning tools for sales management and sales operations, to plan and model sales scenarios to make the best strategic decisions.
  • Third Party Application Integration – Optymyze seamlessly integrates with third-party applications from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.
  • Turnkey Professional Services – Optymyze offers sales performance evaluation, software implementation, and change management services to ensure the success of your solution.