Optymyze vs ORACLE:
Sales Operations Management

Optymyze has the #1 solution for improving sales performance. Optymyze scores higher than Oracle in nearly all of the 11 core capabilities and has a broad array of sales and sales operations applications, but Oracle has certain applications, like OIC (Oracle incentive compensation) that are in use by many companies.

  • Oracle is a sound choice if you are already an Oracle customer and have simple compensation plans that use a low volume of data transactions that are already stored in an Oracle database.
  • If your company runs on Oracle, and you have Oracle SQL coders who can manage a data warehouse and do the pre-processing required to integrated non-Oracle data needed for comp, buy Oracle.

Optymyze scores the highest—and Oracle the absolute lowest—in the key capability of Data Load and Virtual Data Warehouse. The ability for non-coders to manage a data warehouse in the cloud with unlimited scalability is a critical sales ops capability. While Oracle has great database software, it doesn’t have a no-code data processing platform.

“Customer references rated Oracle in the bottom tier for overall ease of use.”
– Leading Analyst Research Firm

“(Oracle) requires customers to purchase Integration Cloud Service to connect to non-Oracle applications”
– Leading Analyst Research Firm

“Optymyze is built on Oracle, but Oracle’s sales, analytics, and other data processing intensive apps could benefit from being built on top of Optymyze.”
– Optymyze CEO

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