Streamlining Sales Operations: How McKesson Planned for Growth

Optymyze helped McKesson scale their sales operations after many years of intense M&A activity.


McKesson’s Sales Operations Challenge

Watch Stephen Long, Sales Compensation VP at McKesson, explain how the healthcare giant consolidated its sales operations, thus improving sales performance. The challenges they had to overcome were significant. After five years of acquisitions fueled growth, McKesson was struggling to reconcile multiple sales operations processes, supporting many sales incentive programs.

The Optymyze Solution

Optymyze enabled the company to consolidate data from multiple sources. Due to their new compensation management solution, McKesson obtained an automated nimble process of sales compensation plan administration.

The newly gained capabilities now allow the company to adapt swiftly to a changing environment. The increased level of transparency into sales compensation calculations saves sales people a lot of time and enforces their trust.

The new automated tools facilitate targets attainment and improve sales performance because they increase visibility into the sales compensation plans.

Taking Sales Operations to the Next Level

What’s next? With three-quarters of the implementation completed in terms of sales force coverage, McKesson is currently working to bring the Optymyze sales operations solution to the rest of the team. The healthcare company is also looking to build new territory management and goal setting capabilities with the help of Optymyze.

A piece of advice from Stephen? Don’t wait until you make acquisitions! Try to look ahead and upgrade sales operations before that happens. “That’s what we went through, and it was quite painful: trying to harmonize the compensation plans, build a tool and a data warehouse all at the same time,” he added.

Watch the full interview for details.

“Don’t wait until you make acquisitions! Try to look ahead and upgrade your sales operations before that happens.”

Stephen Long, Sales Compensation VP, McKesson